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Our new Kitten Mikka!! Silver spotty bengal.

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I think she's lovely! What do you think?

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Oh my she is just stunning!!!!!!! So very very beautiful !!!
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I am in loveeeeeeeeee i want one. Someday.....
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Glad you like her, i cant believe how friendly she is too! I think our others are very jealous now!
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she is a beautiful cat!!!!! I cant wait to see more pics of her in the future!!!
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Lovely doesn't begin to do her justice - she is exquisite!

I too will be looking forward to many, many pictures.

Congratulations on your newest addition.
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Hi welcome to the site. Wow, she's very pretty!
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Welcome to the site Mikka - you're such a beautiful girl
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Wow! She is a stunner! It will be such fun to watch her grow from a cute kitten into a beautiful cat.
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well she IS soo.........ooo..... cute also checked out the gallery on your web page - theres some cool photos there too
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Shes a doll baby I love her coloring!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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She's a beauty. The spots on her front legs are great! Congrats on your new edition.
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Wow. She's absolutely gorgeous.
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What beautiful spots!

Welcome! If you need any help with the site, please feel free to click on my user name and I will try my best to answer your questions !
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I want your kitty it is sooooooooooo cute.

I can't offord any more though
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Welcome to TCS mitch

Mikka is gorgeous, silver tabbies are so stunning
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Oh man she's a beauty for sure. and Welcome to TCS We Love pictures of everyones babies, hope you enjoy it here, So From Myself and my 8 babies see you on the forums
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I love silver cats, and your bengal is no exception. I'll have to check out your webpage!

Welcome to TCS!
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She's one strikingly beautiful kitten!!!!!!!!!

I love bengals...the silver coloring makes her very sleek and gorgeous. I'm another "someday..." with bengals.

Oh, and throw in a Maine Coon into the "someday" category too.
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Here she is a few weeks older.
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What a gorgeous cat and a great photograph!
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What a nice looking cat. You are so lucky to have her.

Welcome to the forums!

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Thanks, i'll be putting some pics of our Snowshoe kitten when we get her in a week or so. Hopefully our brown spotty is having kittens so there should be some piccies of them too in a while.
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That is one of the the most beautiful cats I have ever seen!
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All your babies are Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more pictures
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Very gorgeous! Take care of her.
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Those are just about beyond cute. As are ALL cats and kittens. Thanks for letting us see them and I hope to have some pix of "my" own beloved rescued cats up soon. This is a great site and forum!
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