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Cats and beanbags.

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I spent £40 on a beanbag for my own comfort, within 10 minutes of bringing it home Suki claimed it and hasn't given it me back. Pfft, I wouldn't mind but I bought her one of the pet ones out of Argos, now I'm resigned to the cheap one while she lounges on the good one.

Darn you Suki, DARN YOU!
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Go Suki, Go! That is toooooo cute! Tigger always takes my computer chair when I get up from it I was thinking of buying her her own chair -- Pet Warehouse (Dr. Foster's & Smith, now) have a hammock-type chair for only $20.00 that I was thinking of buying. But, I know she won't use it.......
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I never left my bean bags out, until my cat, who has since passed over the bridge, claimed one as her sleeping spot. Covered with a nice soft blanket, of course. Neither of the 2 we have now show any interest in the bean bags, but they do love the computer chair. And the kitchen table and counters.
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Oh yes, computer chairs. Suki saw I had bought one of those posture ones, I left it 2 minutes and she'd claimned it. Thankfully she now prefers the beanbag and I have my chair, even though it hurts my back. Suppose I could always steal HER beanbag. What would we do without cats? Probably have squirrels instead.
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Suki knows what she wants and she goes for it! :LOL:
Hey, at least she has good taste!
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I avoid beanbags at all costs! The last one my kids owned ended up being an alternate litter box for Joey. One day I found it was damp. I sniffed for the cause. Two seconds later, it flew right out the door into the trash.
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My two cats love this one chair i have. They will kiterally fight over it. And if you are sitting on it and you get up not even 5 seconds goes by and either Castor or Mazzy are laying in your spot.

It is so cute to watch them.

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Bunn, you old hippy - buying a bean bag in this day and age, or was it an ironic purchase?

I will only admit to the odd Thai triangular floor cushions.... and the top of the pyramid is an ideal cat sleeping place.

Life without cats? Is there one? If cats hadn't been invented I'd have a rat - they are funny, affectionate, and easily transportable.
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