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New name suggestions

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My cat had kittens and we were only going to keep one but my BF decided to keep another one that we have gotten attached to. Originally we just called her Stripey because well she has a stripe on her back.

Now that we are going to keep her I want to change her name but she does come to Stripey when you call her.

I am looking for a name that sounds similiar. I thought of Stacy but I am just not sure.

Here are her pictures. Maybe you can help?

Here is her stripe

another shot of her and her stripe

Here is where she got her stripe from. This is her mother Uno.

and a extra pic. This is Bob her brother who we are also keeping.

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She looks like a Maggie to me.
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I say stick with Stripey! I had a big gray tabby male growing up whose name was Stripey, yes i think I did name him She is too cute! as is her brother!
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I vote for Stripey too......what cute kitties!
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What about Dot? She has a big "dot" on her back. OK, so that's not much of an alternative to stripey... We had a Polka Dot once...
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Maybe you could call her Streaker
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
Maybe you could call her Streaker
I kind of like that
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I second "Streaker." Hahahaha!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by wookie130
I second "Streaker." Hahahaha!!!!!!
a 3rd vote for Streaker - i have a 'skunk' kitty, too!
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You know... I was thinking you could name her after the cat on the Pepe Le Peu cartoons who always got a white stripe down her back... but now I can't remember if that cat even had a name...

Anyone know?
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It took me awhile but I found it "Penelope Pussycat" I think I like it. I will run it buy the BF tonight.

So far I like either leaving it at Stripey or changin it to Streaker , Penelope or my daughter suggested Spicy.
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I like the name Penelope Pussycat or Penny for short I looked it up too and it said that's what they retroactively named the female cat Pepe fell in love with.

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Yay! I'm so glad you found her name! Even if you don't name her that, at least I can now add Penelope Pussycat to my list of obscure cartoon trivia. I always seem to remember the characters no one else does.. which is where Azrael got his name (Gargamel's cat from the smurfs). Most people can't figure out why I named him that, but anyone who's around my age goes "Oh yeah! Smurfs!" since they grew up with it too
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