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Arg Mil Help!!!

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Ugh I have to complain about my MIL here, and it's her behavior! So I put the post here.

I have the two kitties, and they are still young cats. One is 8 months old, the other is a little over a year. They are still babies. We are still training them the basics. No being on the table. No scratching furnature. Things like that.

90% of the time they are good, but they have their time, and you guys know cats, sometimes they will do things they know they shouldn't.

Well my mother in law (MIL) is staying with us this week, and is being a total pain in my behind. We had an amazingly bad storm yesterday, and she went on and on about the cat who was shaking a minute earlier hopping up on the table to be closer to us. Okayyyyyyyyy....The cat was traumatized by the thunder and lightening.....

Then MIL has been trying to win over my shy cat, and my shy cat who won't come anywhere near me has been warming up to my MIL. UGH. It would be one thing if it just happened, but MIL has to tell me every instance of how "MY" cat just came up to her and rubbed against her, or how Zekie let her pet her, or how Zekie sat next to her on the couch. ARG...Why is my baby who has only warmed up to my husband and not me now all of a sudden MIL's BFF! ARG, and why does MIL have to rub it in non-stop.

I can't wait for next week......
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LOL...hang in there!!

Cats always seem to go to everyone but the person that wants them most. Simon does it to me, whenever we have guests. He's a total "traitor cat!"
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Sounds like you don't like MIL very much. That must be very stressful for everyone - you, her and your husband.
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Have the kitty wave byebye to her as she is leaving.
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I don't normally have ill feelings towards my mother in law at all. She just stepped over the line complaining about my kits. And I don't need the play by play over how she's getting along with my little one. I just don't need it.
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Tessy got her really well this morning! Mom was making tuna sandwiches, and Tessy tried to climb up her to get to the TUNA!

YAY baby! LMAO
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