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Internet Security Software...

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I am having internet security issues....
Yesterday, I spent more time messing with my computer's security then on TCS.

I have used ZoneLabs for 2 years and was very happy with their firewall & their anti virus protection...
a few days ago their latest update began to have problems.

I called their company and was told they would give me a refund because it might be a month before they get this problem figured out.
I deleted their software and am now running my DSL ISP's antivirus software.

I am looking for new internet security protection...
My question is...
Which internet security software do you use?
How do you like it and why?

Do you use a seperate antivirus and firewall program or both from the same company?

Thanks for your feedback....
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First of all, you may be able to go back and uninstall the latest update if it gives you hassles.

I use Norton (see my post to your questions on firewalls) but despite others' complaints have had few problems with it and no viruses... perhaps mine is different to the regular 'store bought' version as it is for a very large company?

Mine has firewall and internet security
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ZoneLabs has been deleted from my computer.
I want as deep as the regedit to get rid of all traces of it.

It sound like you have excellent internet security.
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What software does your ISP provide?
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Popup Blocker
& Mail Protection...

They are a huge company so I must assure that their software is good but it runs in the background.
I would like to know what it is doing & when.

They do not provide a firewall.
At present I am using the Windows XP firewall.
I have not found any reviews about how good it is.
Maybe I will try Shields Up to see if I have leaks.
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If the virus software you have through your ISP is good enough - you can look into getting just a firewall software CD
http://www.sunbelt-software.com/kerio.cfm was highly recommended in a recent computer mag we got at work
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Thanks ....
I'll try that firewall right now.
I just did a shields up test and mine leaks info.

An edit...
I just re-ran the shields-up test in depth...
apparently I am running in total stealth mode.
Thanks for your feedback.
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I always use pc tools,they are a american company although im in the uk,i find them very helpfull to if you have a problem you have online support they have updates a few times a day and i would recommend them they have trial versions so you can see what problems on are your pc before purchasing,i was very impressed when i had a mini key logger on my machine which was very bad if you do online banking,it corrected it,so i now have 3 of their products i have the registry cleaner,the antispyware and the antivirus,had no problems
And as for norton its not worth the disk its saved on!!!Avoid it at all costs!

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I use CA Associates a program thru my internet provider - totally free as a DSL customer-has everything -Prior to that I had Norton & never had trouble until this year-It would not install on my computer-My neighbor had same trouble-we both returned software where we purchased it- & were told alot of people were having trouble with it. I researched CA Asso. & asked my DSL provider everything in the books about the program -The DSL techs said they actually had switched from Norton & other programs because it was so much better. I also checked with the techs who I use to service my computer & they were 100% behind CA Assoc. over Norton-
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