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The Catnip menace!

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The house is quiet, that is until this menace rears it's ugly head. Cats go wild at the sound of the rustling bag, they sit up, look excited and start the wiggling. The dealer approachs the prey, like a lion hunts it's dinner.

A hand reaches into the bag and takes out a small amount of this 'substance' and sprinkles it in front of the already drooling cat. BANG that's it, the cat is intoxicated and all he/she can do is wiggle, roll and churup.

You my dear readers ARE the dealers, YOU are effecting your cats like this, please for the love of cod stop this. You're making your cat far too wiggly. I fear for the next generation of moggies all weaned on catnip addicted parents.

Suki last week jumped of the washer at the sound of the rustling bag, I too have an addicted cat. Time to open CA (Catnip Anonymous) feel free to bring your kitties, it's a free service.

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Sign my 4 up for CA. Sampson becomes a theif and Xavier physically abuses Fallon.... Do you think there's hope for them?:tounge2:
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Where do we sign up? If I give Leo catnip, he rolls himself up in his rug, Fred chases his tail, and Georgia swings from the ball on the cat tree! Very silly!
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I'm afraid all your cats are now in danger of becoming Catnip junkies, if they aren't already. The CA clinic will be open Monday to Friday and all your cats will have to go cold turkey, I'm sure cats will love the cold turkey, my cat does

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I grew some catnip/catmint in the garden a few years ago - Alf just ignored it, but Moogie would make a bee-line for the plant, smell the flowers, cover herself in pollen, eat the leaves, drool a bit and then sleep for 6 hours. Good job the cat-police never checked my garden for the "herb". It was for personal use, honest.
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Says you, I bet you hung around street corners wearing a hooded jacket asking kittens if they'd like to try your 'stuff'
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I admit it, I'm their supplier. I grow the stuff on my porch to keep them happy. I'm an enabler.

If I'm on the porch, getting herbs for something I am cooking, I must also bring in catniip for the kitties. They demand it.
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I'm a GROWER. The seedling that we bought, several montha ago, is a good-sized potted plant, now. The catnip and catmint, in the planter boxes, isn't doing as well. The potted catnip sits on a living room table and Opie spends a lot of time on that table, too. We can, always, tell when Opie's stoned - he gets this blissed-out look on his face and rolls around on the floor.
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