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Windows Firewall..is it enough?

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Internet security can be very confusing.

Do you use a firewall that is different from the Windows Firewall that comes with XP?

If you do, why and which one do you like?
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If you're using Internet Explorer you probably need an additional firewall... but I use Mozilla Firefox, which is way better and more secure. You can even set it to not allow pictures/images that are not directly hosted by the site (so, like everyone's sigs and pictures wouldn't show up unless they were attachments on TCS).

Do I also need a different firewall?
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I run virus software with a built in firewall supplied by work (Norton) because unless we have it all installed they wont let us remote link to our work computers and I often work from home.

I would advise running a firewall (even if it is *just* the XP one) but preferably turn it off and replace with something that gets constant updates to what is allowed etc
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The firewall that comes with XP is decent. However if you are running a constant connection (such as cable modem or DSL) and leave your computer on all the time, then the Windows Firewall won't be enough.

I have a Wireless router we use at home that comes with a built in firewall. I enabled that and set up some things and run updates to it every so often.

Basically my rule of thumb is that if its made by Microsoft, more then likely a hacker or someone will make more of an attempt to break into then a software made by other vendors. Software like Mozilla Firefox doesn't really mean its more secure...its written using Open Source software, which means that anyone can download the programming for free. Firefox just hasn't made an attempt on monopolizing the market like Microsoft has...
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Computers are wonderful...
but keeping them secure can be a real challenge.
Thanks for your feedback.
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The problem with the Windows Firewall is that it only monitors traffic going out. If you accidently download a malicious piece of software, you will never know that it is contacting the Internet. Firewalls like Zone Alarm (which has a free version though you really have to look for it) monitor traffic going to and from. It is annoying when it pops up messages about some program contacting the internet and I've had to do searching when some unknown program suddenly wants access, but at least I have an idea of what is going on with my computer (can't tell what they're sending ).

If you have a network, I would recommend a router that has a Firewall in it. Otherwise, you can't share files easily within your network.

Firefox is just a browser; it does have a more secure interface than IE but it doesn't monitor any internet traffic.

At least M$ has implemented a firewall and has it turned on by default. There were problems where a machine was totally overwhelmed with junk before the first Windows update was downloaded.
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I have sunbelt kerio,the windows firewall is okay but not really effective.
I ahve good antispy ware and antivirus scanners which help,i did however download the kerio product it is on a trial but once the trial runs out it still works and is quite sufficent to make sure your pcs up and running ok,its also better than windows firewall,check it out,and its free.Zone alarm messed my pc up so i wouldnt use that again.

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I used ZoneAlarm for 3 years.
It's latest version had some major flaws.
I deleted it.
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Originally Posted by xocats
I used ZoneAlarm for 3 years.
It's latest version had some major flaws.
I deleted it.
Yes that is what im talking about the old zone alarm no problem but the updated one,was no good!
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