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What a tragedy

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I just wanted to remember a group of sweet, loving cats who lost their lives needlessly because of human selfishness and ignorance. These 14 cats, ranging in age from one to 17, and many of them rescues, were the beloved pets of a local couple. The husband died unexpectedly a few months ago and the wife had sudden fatal heart attack just within the past two weeks. They apparently passed away too suddenly to have made formal arrangement for the cats. As their family members were scrambling to care for the cats, the wife's brother, who was executor of the estate, had all the cats taken to a county shelter and requested they be euthanized. This happened last Friday.

This makes me so sad and angry. What a cruel person this man must be not to honor his sisters' memory and arrange care for the cats. Adding to the tragedy of this situation is that the family called all of the local no kill shelters only to be told "we're full." They received no offers of help or suggestions for placing the cats. I only wish we would have know about this situation sooner. We couldn't have taken the cats, but would have worked
with the family to place them.

May these sweet creatures and their humans rest in peace. At least they've been reunited now and are together in a far better place.
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That is so heartbreaking. But like you said, now the kitties and their human's are all reunited again. May they all RIP
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RIP sweet kitties
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How horrible! I'm so sorry (and angry) things worked out that way! RIP pretty kitties
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Rest in peace little lives, reunited with the humans who loved you so much.
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Thats so sad I've left instructions in my will with my executors about where the girls have to go, but even if the couple hadn't mentioned them in their will you'd have thought they would have had a heart to place them all in a no kill shelter, after all the cats must have been depressed to start with over losing both their owners

Run and meet your mum and dad babies, your together again
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How heartbreaking for other family members - they must feel like they failed the deceased owners. like the others, though, i take comfort in the thought of all those wonderful kitties there with their meowmmy & daddy - enjoy Heaven together, People & kitties
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ohno how heartbreaking

RIP darling kitties - you are all together again forever
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How sad. How cruel and unthinking of that man.

RIP little sweeties At least you have your Mum and Dad back!
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Rest in peace, kitty family! What a sad story! Tragic on all sides. The entire family could have had a few living mementos of their relatives! What a waste of a living memorial!
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OMGosh...how heartbreaking!! May they all RIP.
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