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Mixing wet experiment

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Wet food is considered by many to a necessary addition to our kitties diets.
I agree, plus our kitties really enjoy eating something other than dry food alone.

I have tried, without success because of loose stools & a dislike of the taste, to get them to eat Innova light canned or Merrick instead of Nutro pouches.

Because of a recent problem with Nutro's pouches, I recently switched both cats to Meow Mix pouches.
Dex & Sadie both love the Meow Mix pouches but I am bothered by the fact that the main protein in their pouches is fish....lots of fish and little else.

Yesterday I tried an experiment....
I purchased a can of Merrick's Grandma's Pot Pie and mixed a small amount into their Meow Mix pouch.
They cleaned their dishes.
I did the same this morning. Yum Yum!

I am going to go slow with this experiment to see if their sensitive tummies will handle the better quality food added to the Meow Mix.
I intend to purchase some small cans of Innova light and try that too.

If this works....
For the foreseeable future...I will keep them on the Meow Mix Pouches while slowly adding a larger amount of Innova Light or other high quality canned brands.
It is no problem to mix 2 brands and I feel much better feeding them less fish.

Do you mix a top quality food that you kitties don't like with a food they cannot resist?
I would love your feedback about this experiment.
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I think that is a great way to "mix things up" (no pun intended ) I think it is ok to feed a fish-based canned food as long as it doesn't make up the majority of their diet.
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I think so too.
Our kitties diet can be a real challenge.
Thanks for you feedback.
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I think that is fine. I don't think there are the possible problems with stomach upset with mixing up canned foods like there are with dry foods. I know people who use several kinds of canned foods and change up often to keep their cats eating wet food.
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i switched from Nutro too ( my cat LOVES nutro) because of the oxidation thing and started eukanube. she turns her nose up on it so I mix it with some dry nutra and she gobbles it down. felidae and innova were too rich for her and it came up as quickly as it went down.
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I think it is a great idea .. I have been using meow mix as a top dress on the meat and bone meals since Kandie isnt thrilled///
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I really like those Meow Mix pouches!

I have been feeding Eukanuba instead of the Nutro Pouches(hopefully, not for too long). I mix half poch Euk. & 1/2 pouch Meow Mix morning & night. I have other stuff I mix in with Meow Mix, too. I think Twitch & Lily end up getting 1/2 pouch Meow Mix with almost every meal! They love them, too.

xocats, I'm assuming you haven't heard back from Nutro on the testing of the pouches you sent in? I'm hoping it's nothing....
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Hmm i should check out everything in my canned food. Whats with the turned heads on fish? Interesting topic xocats.
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I did received a letter from Nutro about receiving the pouches that I sent in for testing.
Thanks for reminding me....
I will update right now about the letter.
Here is the link to that thread...
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this is exactly what i do. straight high-quality food tends to give Cable the runs, plus nobody's too keen on it. i mix 1 of the market select 'cans' with 1/2 can of the wet chicken soup. i have to make 2 plates, because Cable & Chip can't share, & they're my main wet food eaters. so i use 1 can of chicken soup & 2 'cans' of meowmix each evening.
[Cable will allow Pixel or Java to share with her, just not Chip. they just aren't that interested in wet food. they eat chicken soup dry food.]
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I have been doing this too. Astrid was eating Fancy Feast and loving it, but didn't take to the Wellness. Now I mix them - started with 3/4 FF to 1/4 Wellness, and we are up to 75/25 Wellness/FF.

This morning I ran out of Fancy Feast so she got straight up Wellness - she ate it. I haven't seen any evidence of a tummy upset anywhere or in her box.
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At last I have hope that I will succeed at feeding a better quality of wet food to my kitties....thanks to Fancy Feast.
That food is amazing.
I think a cat must run their company.
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