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Ragdoll Breeders in New York/Pennsylvania

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My Grandmother is interested in adopting a ragdoll kitten. I would like to know if anyone can recommend reputable ragdoll breeders in Western New York or Eastern Pennsylvania.

I have been through the breeder lists, was just wondering if anyone has heard of or dealt with a good, trustworthy breeder?

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Good evening Etain,

We don't bring our little one home until next week, however I have visited the cattery he is coming from...very impressed. The house was clean (didn't smell of cat), the breeder has her ribbons proudly displayed in the living room so all that visit can see them (and know she is proud of her cats), and finally, our to be new addition was as sweet and loving as one could expect for a little kitten. Michelle (breeder) has provided pictures any time I have requested (I live roughly 70 miles away) and appears to provide a great kitten.

If you have any further questions about my experience with this breeder please feel free to ask specifics.

Cattery: Luv E-Z Ragdolls / Breeder: Michelle

Although this breeder is in South Central PA, I would still suggest that you contact as she has been excellent to work with.
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I've always wanted one of those kittens, but I can't imagine spending so much money on a pet when there are so many homeless kitties out there about to be put to death at the cat shelters.

But those little rag dolls are cute.
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Natalie, I know how you feel, I would love to have a ragdoll or a himalayan, but I would feel guilty too, I'm the kind of person that would take in every stray if they could. But when I see pictures of those cute little ragdoll kittens, all of that just flies out the window and I wish I could have one

General, thank you very much for your recomendation. My Grandmother lives near Harrisburg, so this may work for her.
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Additional information that I left out. Although we are purchasing the ragdoll baby, we are getting him a buddy through rescue. We recently had to put a 13 year old Himalayan to sleep so we wanted a new kid that would look similar but not be the same breed (didn't want the perception that this was a replacement as she couldn't be replaced).
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I know this is a bit dated, and I hope you found a great kitty! I have recently dealt with Michelle, and she is wonderful to work with and the kitten is amazing. However, I purchased this kitten after losing a rescue kitten at 23 weeks to FIP. Since this, my fiance and I have decided to only purchase kittens from breeders so we know the health of our kittens and their lineage. Also from a breeder who is trusted by many and knows about FIP and it's presence among their kitties. Be sure to keep a good eye on those rescue kitties, and do not vaccinate for FIP!!!!!
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Two people I know got sphynx from a breeder and both kittens have died from FIP.
I am trying to help one of the ladies.
She never even got the blue slip from the breeder for TICA.
She is a breeder I have never heard of also.
This women is very upset and has been crying for days.
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If you ever need help in getting a good cat, there are a few on here that have experience and can probably guide you in what you are looking for.

Please don't feel bad about wanting a purebred cat. There is room for both mixes and purebreds in everyone's life. I've always owned both purebred and mixed breed cats my whole life and NEVER have felt any guilt in buying a purebred (I do a lot of showing). I've adopted some of my cats from shelters and really hate it when people put down others when they want a purebred cat.
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