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Zoids collection

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I collect Zoids (model kit toys that represent mechanical animals, commonly armed with guns etc.)

I had my first Zoid 8 years ago but only started serious collecting last year. I have around 80 of them.

Haven't taken any recent pics, this was as of July 19, 2006

Main Cabinet Shots:

sub cabinet:


One of my most favorite type is Saber Tiger, modelled after a Saber-toothed cat (I like cats) and I want to collect several variants that were released through the years.
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Goodness talk about collectors items!
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Impressive collection! I'd love to collect them too, but just don't have the room! Plus, they would probably be broken in an instant with these four furry bodies running around!!
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Actually it's already clumping and I don't have any more space, no matter high some of these would be, Hades is surely to reach 'em, I need to put walls around the white cabinet coz she can reach those places. Sometimes she even bites some of them but good thing those are just spare stuff for customizing (some of our spares we wreck them and make new stuff ala pimp my ride)

And those 80+ Zoids are nothing compared to the top collectors here in the Philippines, I know around 3 of us who have around 300 of them.
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