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Elizabethan Collars, HELP

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OK I am not sure if you have read whats going on with Kirra, for refrence check this http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92951 I wound up having to go to the ER vets and pick up a collar, she just wouldnt leave the wound alone.

Now my question is this. How is she suppose to function with the dang thing, She keeps walking backwards. My husband told me to put her in the carrier last night while we slept because he was so worried for her. I need help, i am afraid to leave her alone with it on and out of her carrier, but she needs to be able to use the litter pan.
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My two walked backwards for a couple of hours until they got used to it. You may need to trim it down a bit so she can eat still because i did. The collar they had on was about 4-5" deep once i'd trimmed it.

Heres a picture of Sophie in hers to give you an idea.

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Well her's isnt the hard plastic, its a crinkley one (will try and get pics later today of her, poor thing) i called the vet to ask how long she has to wear it, they said 7-10 days my poor baby, and that it folds down over the shoulders instead of up in a cone, well bd part is kirra is so small she trips over it that way. She just cant win.
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Is she actually pulling at her stitches?. Some cats don't need them, but i did with my two because they were pulling on them and Sophie pulled a stitch out.

See what she's like without it and if she goes anywhere near her stitches just pop it back on her.
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She doesnt have stiches thats the prob. She has internal ones but the outside was glued, and she licked some of the glue off last night but looked to be like extra glue cause the incision is still closed, but she also didnt get to lick THAT much cause when we caught her for the 4th time we went to get the collar asap and my husband cuddled her while i was gone to make sure she didnt go at it more.
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She'll probably be ok because that's the way Sophie was going to be done but her incision had to be made a little bit bigger so she had to have stitches.

What i would do is to give the vet a quick ring and ask if it's ok that she's licking over the glue, then if they give the green light i wouldn't worry about her collar.
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LOL i called em this morning at 8 when they opened they said she needs to wear the collar for 7-10 days because she cant be licking the glue like that especially this soon. i feel bad for her but she needs to heal right.
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That's way more comfortable for them than the hard platic ones that go up around the head. Neigi removed managed to pull his off yesterday AND removed the excess feeding tube that was taped to it. Here's the creepy part...We CANNOT find it !!!! Looked high and low with flashlights for 20 minutes...it vanished !! I went and got another one and he escaped it too AND pulled his feeding tube out of his nose. She'll get used to it, don't worry. She looks like she's wearing a hoop skirt around her head instead of her waist ! LOL
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Awww bless her. I know what ones you mean now and i wished my girls had one of those ones.
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