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Nina is gone...

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She went in to be spayed today and didn't make it home. I am very sad as I feel this might have been partly my fault.

Lovely, cross-eyed girl
Nina and her love Cassidy

Belly pic


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OMG!!! Honey, my heart is just breaking for you! Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk. Until then, I'm holding you close to my heart and in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry for your terrible loss.

Rest in peace sweet Nina.
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oh darling, I am so very sorry. Please know we are all here if you want to talk.

Play happily at the bridge sweetheart
RIP Nina
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Oh my goodness this is just so sad

Nina all the cats and kittens are waiting at the other end of Rainbow Bridge to take you to your new home Have fun sweetie, and watch over your mum as she's hurting so much right now
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OH NOOO.... Amy, my heart is breaking for you.... Lovely, sweet Nina leaving so suddenly is so tragic. Please don't blame any of this on yourself - most likely it was a bad reaction to anesthesia. My SIL is an anesthesiologist and tells me it is a very tricky thing. you were doing the right thing for your precious kitten girl, bottom line. I understand how you feel, though - I took my youngest daughter in for immunizations, and she had a bad reaction, and now has brain damage - she's a very lonely, friendly 26 year-old with a bad speech problem, physical limitations, no friends and no hope, and I feel like I'm to blame as much as any drunk driver that has injured children in a car crash - not logical, but that is sometimes how the heart reacts
Again, condolences on losing Nina. How are Cassidy & Clyde handling this?
Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Nina - Heaven must have really needed you.
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RIP Nina. This is so sudden and unexpected.
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I'm so sorry Amy....
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How horrible. I don't know what to say except that I am sorry.

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Oh Amy, I'm sooooooooooo sorry please don't blame yourself sweetie, theres no way you could have known as said above, if you need to talk about anything, don't hesitate to PM someone or come on the forum to take your mind off of things. I'm terribly sorry this happened

RIP Nina sweet girl
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OMG! I am so sorry to hear about this! It was not your fault at all, I would call the vet that spayed her and tell him about it, in fact I am sure I would go nutso on the vet. Didn't I read somewhere that Nina had kittens? Are they old enough to eat on their own yet, or are you bottle feeding?

I am so sorry, many hugs and feel better vibes going your way hun!
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it's not your fault, & quit beating yourself up about it. you were the responsible meowmy - sometimes bad things just happen. rejoice in Odin & Holton - they are Nina's reps here on earth. you'll see Nina over the bridge
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I am so sorry. What happened? It's got to be an even worse shock, when they pass on under the vets care, especially when it was a routine proceedure.
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I am so very sorry to hear this, but I am sure it isn't your fault. The rescue I foster for lost a cat earlier this year when she went in to be spayed, she must have had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic, and the vet said that if htey do, there is nothing you can do, so please dont feel bad. It is worse when you take them for something routine and they don't come home though. Big hugs to you, and RIP Nina.
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Oh, Amy!!!!!!!!! I'm so shocked about Nina...I just can't believe you lost her like this!!!! I'm so very sorry...I kept up on your posts when she ran away, and also when she had her beautiful kittens.

She was a lovely girl, and was loved tremendously by you, and by many on TCS. You did nothing wrong by taking her in to have her spayed...once in a great while, a cat will react badly to the anethetic...this is not something you could have predicted, or prevented. You did what any loving cat owner would have did the RIGHT thing.

This breaks my heart for you...I'm crying right now. Stay strong, and know that she is giving you cheek rubs, whisker kisses, and head butts from across the bridge.

Again, I'm so terribly sorry for your loss.
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Oh my gosh! Poor baby! I am so sorry!
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Thank you everyone!! After a sleepless night and lots of time to think, I know that I didn't do anything wrong. I just feel so bad...she tried to run away again yesterday when we were trying to get her into the carrier. She did that last time to, kinda like she knew she shouldn't go.
He kittens will be 6 weeks old on Friday and had already started to nibble on food. They are eating fine today and have both used their little litter box for the first time They will be fine and loved greatly.

Thank you all for the kind words. It's just so shocking
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I am so so sorry! Nina was such a beautiful girl! It reminds me of Katie (Scamperfarms) having Ares leave her a little blessing behind...for you to have Nina (who was adopted as a spayed kitty) leave you two precious kittens. Whether you decide to keep one or adopt them both out, you know that a part of her miraculously goes on.

I really identified with your posts, Amy. Your overwhelming run of kittens this spring...and I just really feel so close to you through your posts. Now I am heartbroken, too, over the loss of such a special girl in such a tragic accident.

Rest in peace, sweet Nina. I'm sorry your time was cut short. You are at peace, now, and can finally sneak out as often as you want, and be perfectly safe!
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Thanks Beckiboo, I am going to keep her kittens for sure and have named them Odin and Holton.

The vet said she never fully recovered from the anesthetic, she wouldn't eat and wet on herself. They called me to come get her and told me she needed to see her regular vet ASAP. This kind of thing happens, I know.

I have been truly blessed with so many fur babies this year and I appreciate the comment about Nina sneaking out, she can run all she wants now

Thanks everyone for all the kind words.
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I'm so sorry, sweetie. may beautiful Nina rest in peace.
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I am just sitting here crying for you. I had a kitty that went in for a routine biopsy and died on the table also. It's such a shock because you just don't expect it. Please do not feel guilty about taking her in. As you already know, this is a surgery that many, many cats have every single day.
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Thats horrible!! Now I am sitting here in tears reading this. I just wonder how this happened! And why??! I mean its done EVERY day.....besides being so sad, I would be a bit mad. She was such a beautiful girl.

RIP sweetie....
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