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Free Goodies..

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Well i came across somebody that told me 2 sites for free goodies for cats, there treats and such and i think it would be a great idea to share this with everybody here. I'm sure its worth the try there free hehe.
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Thank you! I love free stuff!
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Thanks I just sent away for a Greenies
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Glad you guys like it, i'm going to look for more i'll let you know when i find more.
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I'm all for free stuff, but I've read several adverse things about greenies.
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Its worth a try when you get it you can see if you thinks its ok or not? i'm not sure.

Also heres a purina sample i heard there awesome.
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Yay! Thanks! I am always looking for new stuff to try out for LuckyGirl... On the Halo website, I picked the chicken dinner party seasoning to spice up her food. I'll let you all know how she likes it in 2 weeks!

Thanks for the tip!!! Great idea to share the links!
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hehe thanks i hope everybody enjoys the links and such. I'll keep on the look out.
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Thank you for the links! On the purina link, the cat looks like Callie!
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hehe, no problem hope everybody joys them.
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Thank you! I am getting one of each!
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I joy them alot. I signed up for them.
Then it prompted me to look more into "freebies" for cats.
Not much more than that anywhere.
There is one that will send you Cat Greens if you mail them a self-addressed envelope if anyone is interested...
But..other than the stuff mentioned here..I cant find much more for free.
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Yup, i'm getting alot of free and cheap samples hehe Krizzma likes to sample :P.
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I got some free samples a while ago of Greenies. They're great! the feline greenies are supposed to be a lot more healthy than most treats, and they're different from the canine ones.
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I already applied for them a year ago.

I am a freebie queen.
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lol i'm fighting for your crown shengmei :P. "grr.."
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Thanks for the link!
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no prob..
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I actually found this one recently - at - its a coupon for buy one get one bag free of kitten dry food.
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Thanks Katkisses for adding yours
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Fun! Thanks!
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Thank you!
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Enjoy hehe
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There are lots (and regularly updated) here
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My kitties got their free samples and LOVE THEM!
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