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Chelsea had her babies!

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Here's the full story: All day today Chelsea was restless, pacing and meowing and acting like she was looking for something. Since she was already long past when I thought she'd deliver (I was expecting them any day three weeks ago), I figured that the time was getting close and started watching her. Sure enough, around eight my son saw her go behind the sofa, and after a few minutes he decided to check. She had a kitten hanging from her. Yes, four prime nesting spots to pick from, and she's delivering behind the sofa.

We took her out and just started reassuring her, stroking her and talking to her until she relaxed and rolled on her side. She delivered the first kitten, then the second, then a half hour passed and number three came breech. Number four was easier, then a while again, then number five, another breech. All the while I'm petting her and telling her what a wonderful girl she is, and she's calmed down so much she's rubbing her face against me between contractions (she is very, very attached to me.) I just KNEW she was done after number five, had brought the nest to her and gotten her settled and cleaned up. Then she had another one. I cleaned up the nest, got fresh towels, was in the kitchen - but she started crying for me, and I came in, and she had another.

That was around ten thirty. I think she's done now, but I thought that two kittens ago, so I could be wrong. The head count stands at seven now.

Also, the second cat I took in was also pregnant, and she's pretty far along (been feeling kittens roll around in there for a week and a half.)
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I am glad to hear things went smoothly with her delivery. What colors did she have? You did well Chelsea.....good momma! Congrats on the new wee ones.
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OMG!! You are as crazy as I am. I took in two pregnant mommas and a pair of bottle babies. CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY

But... Congrats, I can't wait to see the pics.
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Oh thats great, I bet momma is glad thats all over.

I cant wait to see pics of ur babies.

Emma x
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They're Siamese, so they're white right now - no idea what the point colors will be; the two potential Daddies are seal point and red point respectively. She had no other males, and the girls never left the house, so they're the only paternal contenders.
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It's crazy, but I must say I'm in love with my girls - and the babies are precious. I love them already.
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She is definitely walking with a spring in her step. She was HUGE! She's a tiny, tiny cat, and with 7 kittens she literally was so tight she looked like she was going to explode. Now we know just how tiny she is.
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pics pics PICS!!!!!
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As someone whose heart is firmly wrapped with Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac pointed paws, please post some baby pics when you can. My little ones are 6 weeks old today and are growing SO fast ... I can't believe I only have another 6 weeks with them!
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I'll try to get some taken and up tonight!

I love Siamese! I grew up with them, and although I love cats of all kinds I will always connect most intensely with Siamese. When I was asked to take these two girls I couldn't say no - and now we're keeping the Momma cats. We're bonded like superglue now; I wouldn't take a million bucks for either of them.

Since you're a Siamese breeder I have a question for you. When do the points start to show up? I knew to expect that they would be born without them, but I have no idea when they appear....
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