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American Idol

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Anyone following this talent contest where America picks the next singing superstar? Some of the talent on that stage is hot! But I admit to getting the biggest kick out of Simon's comments and the bad audition tapes they keep showing of the losers.
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Hissy! Yes...i have been watching it!! I missed wednesday's episode where they picked the one to go on to the next round, though.

I get such a kick out of that one judge's comments, too!! Like when he told that guy he didn't sing the song, he yelled it!!

I really enjoy this show!!!! Some of those singers were awful!!!!!!
Funny thing is, they actually thought they were good! :LOL:
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I tape it and watch it after the Mole. Unfortunately I can't call in my vote from Canada. So far there always seems to be a dark horse contestant moving to the next round. I thinl America is just doing that to get back at Simon. I really think Justin should win - he has a gorgeous voice!
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he does, but that hair has got to tame down! I love his eyes when he sings too..
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I've been watching this too-I sorta need a trash fix since Temptation Island is on. And some of the talent that's been on the show-absolutely amazing.

But why are some contestants not "American Idol" material because they are heavy or don't have to right look? I think that's extremely shallow. Personally, I think Briteny, Christina and JLo have no real amount of talent, compared to some of the people on this show, but they have the look...so they have the contracts and the fame.

Sorry about the mini-rant. This is a touchy subject for me
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I agree! It makes me angry that they seem to think if someone is overweight, etc. that they won't make good "American idol" material even if they sing beautifully. It does seem very shallow.
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I've seen only 2 episodes of this show, but I realy enjoyed it. the thing is...I can never figure out when it's on! just when I think I've got the right time and channel, it's not there. a little help here?
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Some of the recaps are pretty funny!

American Idol
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I've tried to watch it, even though I am really not into the whole Reality TV thing. I liked the whole one episode I caught. Problem is that hubby thinks it's just awful, so I have to wait until he's on the computer. LOL
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I'm very addicted and haven't missed an episode!
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I watch it! I'm kinda getting addicted to it!! I agree with okeefecl. And, I think britney kinda sounds like a goat...
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Vader - I love your comment about Britney - these days it seems you can't criticise anyone who has a pretty face or a massive public following. But I've often wondered what all the fuss was about . . .

I just wanted to check - is the Simon your talking about one of the judges - and is he English?

If so - then he's the same guy as we had judging Pop Idol and although I didn't watch most of it (apart from the final) - this guy made himself so unpopular that he was receiving death-threats etc.

The 2 guys that got to the final of Pop Idol here are now major recording artists, and I think a number of the finalists now also have promising careers.

Addiction warning though - my step-daughter got me watching this nonsense and it really does draw you like a magnet. Leave your brain at home and just enjoy the silliness.
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Did anyone check out last nights episode? I did and man, talk about harsh! It was the most heated espisode thus far!

I've always been amused by Simmon until he called two of the winners losers; they may not be the best singers but that is no ground to call them losers That was just plain rude!

Tonight they announce the winners! I hope Christina wins. Everything about her is just awesome!
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Simon was horrid yesterday!
Yola - he is Simon Cowell and he is the same guy who did the British one. He is a nasty piece of work. Last night was unbelievable! I want the guy who got called up at the last minute and the last girl who sang to move to the next round. The guy who sang 1st will get the sympathy vote to move forward.
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