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I recently bought a clicker and I am only going to focus on one cat at a time, starting with Cody. Right now I am just figuring out where I want to start... Cody knows "Up" and "Down" so I started out telling him up and I click the second his feet hit the couch and give him his treat (I hold the clicker in one hand and a few treats in the other, I point with the clicker where I want him to go, and the second his feet hit the surface I click with my right hand and put a treat down with my left. I am not sure if he is really getting it yet, but I know these types of things take time, lol. I have read several websites about it, but still am not sure where to start out at, I get the concept very much so though.

So the question is how many of you out there clicker train? And if any of you have any tips or cool tricks you have taught feel free to share them!