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Cat Insurance?

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Ok now i know what insurance is of course i got it on my house and such but never heard of it on pets? From the sounds of a few people on here its for vet emergency's. It sounds like it would be a good idea for the furry friends so i'm open to more advice on this.

I've had to put several cats down because money reasons and also it was the best thing. Since i found my main vet i stick with them its a H.O.P.E clinic about 45mins away that are cheaper and i adopted a dog from a shelter and they told me about them since they were amazing.

But there pretty far for those need a vet now kinda stuff so i must see my local vet that charges a arm and an leg just for walking threw the door (lol). I know love the cat act fast and such but if you don't have about $50 just for the vet to say its nothing serious than what do you do.

Alot of people say insurance is a great plan if your planning to coutine owning animals for awhile so i need some updates i'm loosing touch with the furry stuff . lol

KittyPaws & Krizzma
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If you do a search for pet insurance on this forum you will find that this topic was covered in great depth about a year ago. You'll probably find more information than you ever wanted to know.
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I'm having a hard time finding that thread. It might be a good one to sticky here, in the health and nutrition forum, since so much of what is discussed requires expensive vet care, it is an important issue.
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yea, i can't seem to find it i'll look again though. More information than i want to know lol, interesting.. :P
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Here is one that gives two links to pet insurance companies which we can check out. There are a lot more search results, so go back a year and hunt around.
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lol, if this is more boring than sitting on the computer for 2 hours looking at cat store sites we will have problems :P.
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I might of found a few i like i'll go over them and see which one seems better. Hehe
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Here is my list of companies:

VPI: the url is too LONG...



and here is sheltercare:

So sheltercare has a $9 a month accident only plan. That would be very sensible for someone like me, on a fixed income.
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Oops. Petplan is for pets in Canada.
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Yea i'm looking a few more covered one's there are alot of nice ones. I like the VPI Superior Plan plus Routine Care Coverage and the gold package. Just something not to expensive and such
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I have VPI Pet Insurance for Jazz, unfortunately it nearly doubled when she turned 10 or 11 (not sure which) It will increase again when she it 13!!! I can't change her to another insurance co because of a pre-existing condition. I switched Maggie May to Pet Care it's more affordable.
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hmm ok.. thanks for telling me.
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VPI has mismanaged and denied two of my claims. The more expensive one was denied because they claim they never got Gizmo's medical records; the second one was denied because she had allegedly got a 'pre existing condition'--which I wonder how they could have known about without any of her records?. I am canceling the policy and will go with Pet Plan instead.
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Pet plan unfortunately only works in Canada. I've just called Pets Best. It's not offered in my state.
I'm going to put money aside for a medical fund for Gizzy and hope that Pets Best is approved for New York State within a couple of months. Thankfully she's doing great.
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I've reported VPI Pet Insurance to a consumer's legal aid group that has a great many other claims against this company on file. It's good to know, and not good to know, that others have had similar problems for far worse medical conditions.

All the decent coverage seems to be in other states and countries than my own. I've contacted one good company and pleaded with them to please work on their New York accreditation. Gizmo is just going to have to take her chances until then. Fortunately she is doing fine.
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