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I just need to vent..

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Nobody needs to reply, I just need to vent. My aunt Betty (my mom's sister) and her boyfriend came to visit. they live in Las Vegas and came up to visit until next week. I decided not to go to the shelter today to spend time with them..they came here to visit with me and my parents and we went to my aunt Barbara's house to visit with her and my cousin and her dogs..we ordered pizza and had a great time. after that my aunt Betty and her boyfriend went back to their hotel to rest since they aren't used to the time difference. I wanted to take a nap here, but decided not to.. my parents left to go do errands and I said I don' want them to leave me behind if they are going to see them over at my aunt Barbara's house. she said that she isn't going to leave me out. then we had dinner just my parents and myself. my parents went to visit again at my aunt's with them and they promised me they'd come get me when it was cooler..they wanted me to stay with the pups since it was so hot out and it's cool now. my mom just called a few minutes ago and said that they all are drinking and want me to stay there. I was like "so, oh you don't want me to come over?" then she puts my dad on the phone and I asked if he'd hand my mom the phone again and he said she doesn't want to talk to you. I guess I took that too personal and said whatever and hung up. maybe I am over-reacting or just need a good cry or maybe they just don't want me over there while they are drinking. I could care less about the drinking part..I don't drink but all I wanted to do was visit them again. I know I have all week to visit with them, but I wanted to go visit again. I am sorry if this doesn't make sense, I just needed to get it off of my chest. thanks so much for listening. btw furbabies always help when you are down, I started crying and Tiger came up to me and rubs against makes me feel better when they do that.
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wow.. venting is awesome lol. I can't belive they said that and you said they were drinking no need to cry or anything the next day just go over there and vent to them about what happened.

Alittle rude to be shut out of the family picture hope you cool off and i hope your furry friend is helping you threw this venting time. If anything i suggest a nice rest get your mind off that they just did that.

Or go over there anyways just to yell at them your call hehe. Hope you calm down about it.
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Maybe they don't want to drive to come get you since they've been drinking. Sounds pretty responsible to me!
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True Annasmom but still whats with "She doesn't want to talk to you?" very harash come on now she's blood related. Plus venting is good steam out if not it just builds into stress and stuff.

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Yeah, the "She doesn't want to talk to you" is pretty harsh. I didn't mean it like that... I've vented on here and it is very theraputic. I was just playing devil's advocate.
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I just think he was joking? I don't know. I hate being overly sensitive and let every tiny thing get to me. maybe I am just over reacting..

edit to add : Anna'smom it's okay, I didn't take offense to it.
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lol i'm not sensetive does this make me weird. I think so.. hehe, anyways nothing bothers me i just rub it back in there face. But anyways yea just calm down some i'm sure it will all work out tommorrow.
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It doesn't make you weird at all. I just think being sensitive runs in my family.
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lol, ok i have ALOT of guilt trips but when you have a very small kitten that almost got killed by your own horse because her mommy decided to abandon her in the stall with my horse, it happens.

Plus she cries and it gets to me so i gotta pick her up until she falls asleep.. lol
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oh no! is she okay?
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Yes, thank god my horse didn't step on her because he's 900lbs . But she is fine now and doing good she started to adjust into the family quickly. She's already wen't threw half a can of tuna & chicken cat food lol. (piggy)
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I am glad she is okay! my kitties are pigs, too. btw my parents just got home and we made up.
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Thats good lol, if not i was going to advise hide all sharp objects :P. But yea she is really lucky in which she just woke up and is going to start crying
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Give Tigger extra hugs for making you feel better. I am glad you worked everything out.
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