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Hi, I have been busy taking care of Penny (my cat vomits everyday). I think that I solved the problem. (I hope) She does not have food allergy. She does not have blockage. She has hairball problem that was compounded by dry food. This is my diagnosis. I did not take her to the vet. She stopped throwing up food, only clear liquid with some fur. The food stayed in her body now. She gets wet food several times a day. She does not like wet Royal Canin venison or dry venison and green peas. She gets Lax'Aire in the morning and her fur brushed very night. There were days that she would not throw up at all. I am happier and hope that that I am in the right direction.
Thanks to all the experts in this forum. You gave me ideas and suggestions. I will keep reading from this post. I learned a lot. You don't get this wealth of knowledge from the vet only. BTW, I also learned a lot from the Animal Doctor, Dr Michael Fox. I read his letters on line in the Washington Post every Tuesday. If you have not heard of him, try it.