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I have had this weird taste in my mouth all day and my tounge feels kind of slimy. Gross right?? Has this happened to anyone else before?? Blah...I feel like I need to brush my teeth or something. Believe me, I've tried. I even scrubbed my tounge really good.
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Maybe it's something you ate....sometimes if I drink a margarita or something that drys your mouth out...I get that and even after I brush my teeth I can kinda have the taste still.

I hope you got rid of the tast by this morning
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Have you seen a dentist lately?

I know one hygentist told me that I had a condition wiht my tongue...it's very common and most people have it, where if they don't brush their tongue every other day the tongue will get kind of slimy feeling.

Good luck!
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Also if your dehydrated at all. Even allergies or a sinus infection could cause that.
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You might also have a mouth infection called Thrush. If this feeling persists for more than a day, please see your doctor.
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