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What is a good pet insurance?

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I have looked through one insurance policy after another till my head is spinning. I had petcareinsurance.com , but when Mitzee died they didnt cover her ingestion of rubber bands because she didnt have surgery. She racked up some bills and then died and they didnt cover one dime. They sent a letter denying the claim. Their adds show $50 ded for accidents but they get to choose what is covered. It is very confusing. Anyone else have any *good* things to say about a cat insurance?
P.S. I still have remy insured with them till I find another. I am getting another kitty...*remy is lonely* but he wont be ready to come home for another 4 weeks.
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I don't have an answer for you, but I know there was another pet insurance thread a couple days ago. There weren't many responses, and then someone suggested to the person to do a thread search because apparently there have been several threads about this topic previously. Hope you can find some helpful info!
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I think one needs to read the policy carefully to know what's covered and what's not. I know it's hard to do, the way they write those things, but at least that would avoid the disappointment of finding out something's not covered after the fact. (Sorry for your loss.) You can ask for a sample policy from each of the companies you're considering and then make your decision based on the one that has the best coverage for the price. The point is - don't rely on advertising to figure out which is best; read the actual policy.
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Six years ago, when I first adopted my 2 kitties...I looked into getting insurance.
I talked to my long time vet about it and it was suggested that it might be better to keep an open credit card for their care.

They give me credit but if one of my cats needs to go to a specialist, that is when the costs can rise quickly & they don't give credit.
The main problem that I noticed was that there are lifetime limits on each illness.

Unless I purchased the most expensive policy....
the really expensive treatments would not have enough coverage.

I guess what I am saying is .... I don't have a clue about which company is best or which policy to get...mininum or what?

I wish I knew?
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Lei - I think the reason there's so many insurance companies and so many policies is that there isn't any one company or any one policy that's the best. Different people have different needs and wants, and policies are designed to accomodate those differences. And let's face it, emotions get mixed up in the purchase decision and insurance companies are experts at selling to those emotions.

I can tell you I've got Pets Health Care Plan Basic and I'm satisfied with it, but that tells you and redicequeen nothing about whether it's suitable for the two of you.
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I wonder how many companies offer pet insurance in the US?
Does anyone know of a site with a list of their names and reviews about what they offer?

I looked up your plan Tim and I can see why it would work for you & your kitties.
For us....even their best plan would not work.
You are correct ... it is a very individual decision.
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I've never seen a plan-by-plan comparison. My guess is they don't want us to see plan-by-plan comparisons between different companies....it's too easy to see the shortcomings.
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I have seen a plan-by-plan comparison... but I'll have to look eta, I can't find it.

Most of them have a pdf file of exactly what and how much is covered on their website, it's just sort of hidden. VPI has one for both of their plans, plus the riders you can get. I have VPI superior with a cancer rider.

I did not want the insurance to pay for any kind of routine care, because that about doubles the rate, but I did want higher allowances for accidents and illnesses of all kinds, because that's really what it's for to me, is the stuff I can't afford by myself. That's why I chose this one.
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Of all I have seen, I really like Pets Best.

As soon as I start my new job in a couple of weeks, I am going to get set up.
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