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my cat is insane!!

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so dig cat has taken up this strange behavior. he takes clumps from his litter box and puts it in his water bowl. any ideas why, and how can i get him to stop?
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How close is his water bowl to his litter ?
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What a riot!

I would move the water bowl, or, give him an additional water bowl and let him have his fun. I don't know how you will prevent him from drinking that water. Will the litter hurt him?

There's got to be a way to take advantage of this and turn it into something fun. Maybe find similar type object. I'm thinking balls of paper, put them in his litter box and see if he'll float those instead?
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Sounds like he needs some toys, and his water moved into another room...

He's not insane, he sounds like he is just realy bored and is finding a way to occupy himself.
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It could also be that he's getting litter stuck on his paws and he's one of those cats that like to "cover" his water, so litter ends up in it.

It took me forever to figure out why this stray cat we took in kept getting litter in her leftover wet food. Then I came in one day and saw she had shreded a paper towel roll and piled all the paper on the food! Then I realized how all that litter was on the food!

Crazy cats. ..

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his litter box is in another room, he has plenty of toys...the clumps are too big to be getting stuck to him. we notice it happens when we leave him alone in the house. even for ten minutes.
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Water covers odors, maybe he's trying to 'de-scent' the litter!
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How old is he? If he's a kitten, that explains it. Kittens do some off the wall things, LOL! If not, I am stumped...
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he's 13 weeks old. i think he's just mad when we leave him alone. last night, he did it again. when i came home, he was just sitting there next to his water bowl, lookin at me like...."look man, leave me alone and this is what you get!"
i'm gonna experiment next time i leave. gonna leave a radio or the tv on for him, see if that has any effect, hehe.
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If the food and water bowl are in the same room as the litter he could be telling you he doesn't like to eat where are he goes and does his business.

Just a thought.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
If the food and water bowl are in the same room as the litter he could be telling you he doesn't like to eat where are he goes and does his business.

Just a thought.
He already stated that they are in opposite rooms so obviously that is not it.

Sounds like a strange kitten behavior that will probably pass in a few weeks. All I can say is to keep checking his water bowl when you get back to immediately remove litter from it. That is kind of funny, kittens do the weirdest things huh? Maybe if you know you are only stepping outside for 10 minutes, remove that water dish or put multiple water dishes throughout your house.
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Many cats put their toys in the water dish. Also, many cats like to play with "surprises" from their litterbox, esp when they are bored. Maybe you've got a cat that does both!

When you say clumps, do you mean poos or pee clumps, or just loose litter, or can you even tell once it's in the water?

Maybe if you have a table or something you could put the food and water up a little higher, so it would be harder to carry the litter clumps to the water bowl.
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Great idea Zissou! I think that it's just one of those weird things that kittens do, lol!
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it's pee clumps, every time, lol
you guys are great, btw =)

btw, i tried the radio trick today, and unless it's just a one time fluke, it worked =)
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