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Help! I need an original Clown name by tomorrow!

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I was volunteered to dress up as the clown for our annual Canada Day BBQ after the original clown found out she is running the BBQ and cannot take the chance of having something happen to the rental costume (I sense a set-up but, it should be lots of fun)

Problem: They say I need to come up with a name by tomorrow (4:00pm is my 'appearance time'). All that is popping through my head is: Coco, Bozo, etc.... If someone can suggest a name that is 'one of a kind' that the kids would love, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am also going to bring the kids to the party, slip away (I've placed their regular Baby-sitter in charge) and then I will make an appearance that will hopefully surprise them too. My goal is to do all this, come home, get back into normal clothes, return to the party (have at least one cooler!) and listen to my kids tell me about how I missed the silly clown!

I'll let you know the name I choose if I get more than a few suggestions.
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Yankee Poodles

Lucy Pickles

String Beanie

Rebo Boker

Bippety Boo

Frosty Cupcake



Spacey Casey


Aaaah Chew
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Wow! Hissy, okay, it's official: I am not a doctor but, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your head anymore!!!!! What an imagination!

Thank you!
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LOL Glad you like them. There is lots of imagination on this board, bet you get more names before morning.......Have fun!

My imagination is fine, just don't ask me to solve a geometry problem right now! LOL
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It's late, so perhaps that explains this: Mable Leaf (am I the only one laughing ). Ms, Miss or Mrs Mable Leaf, if you please .
post #6 of 20 about Lulu, or Clarabelle? I don't know..I kinda like Hissy's Frosty Cupcake idea.
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Vikki you are inspiring! Mable Leaf I love it!
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Thanks guys!

Vikki, I really love the Mable Leaf name! (Now there are just sooooo many I love!)

It'll be either: Mable Leaf Frosty Cupcake:laughing: or Sparkles (in honor of the makeup I'll be wearing :tounge2:

I guess I'll know when I design my name tag!
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Mable Leaf it is!

Thanks everyone.
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hehehe, I like Mable leaf!
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I don't know about everyone else but I would like to see some pictures of this....
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Pictures promised!......sigh, now I have to try to succeed in posting them!

Hissy....stand by I may need assistance! day is beginning. Leaving here in about half an hour. Going to the park to set up, off to the store (don't have enough face paint-wasn't going to do this but it would be great if I succeed in having my own kids not recognize me!). Then, back home...get the babysitter, have her take the kids to the park. Get dressed up, off to the park to do my 'clown' duties, back home (2 hrs later) and hit the shower and's a cooler for me (or two!). It shall be an interesting day.

I will probably talk to you guys tomorrow!

Have a great saturday everyone!
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Better late than never right?

I'm not sure how well this will turn out but here is a picture of the famous Mable Leaf!
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You mean you don't dress like that everyday? LOL - great pic!
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Thanks Ady!

Funny thing was that my 4 year old would not even get close to me on that day. He was so scared of my costume. Have I considered dressing like this on a daily basis? You bet.....especially when he acts up!!!! :LOL:
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You look awesome!!!! Great costume!!!
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Lol, nice photo

I will have to show that to Richard as he has a clown phbia *grins in an evil way*
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You looked great as Mable Leaf! Any thoughts of trading in that boring ol' day job? LOL
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Are you guys trying to tell me you like this better than my other pictures? One thing for sure...I lived out a highschool fad. Green hair.

Vikki, I wanted so badly to surprise my boys and not have them know who I was. Kind of thought it would be fun. Well......a couple of the elderly ladies from my church had to calm him down and explain that I was his mommy. He did not believe them. I ended up having to pull off my nose (the fake one, of course!) and took off the hat and wig and talked to him. Even then he wasn't sure. As for Santa.....we won't even go there! I still don't have one of those adorable pictures everyone seems to have of their children with Santa. The closest I got was a picture taken at Sears with Santa in the background.:laughing:

Glad you all liked the picture. Figured I'd keep up my end of the bargain and post this. The fact that I am just learning how my scanner works and how to post a picture may be one reason it took so long.
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