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Roxy & Kricket

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Here are some pics of my adorable 2 babies, I love them to death and they have actually turned me into a Cat person (former dog person)

This is Roxy at just 7 weeks old, talk about a little ball of fire.

this is Roxy now at 2 yrs old. QUEEN OF THE HOUSE!!!

Kricket is my newest addition and she found me. My neighbors dog brought her home unharmed and since i work as a vet tech, my neighbor called me right away. I ended up bringing her home and grew her into this little monster she is today. She is FIV+ and was suppose to live at my boyfriends house but I just couldnt do it. I was heartbroken just thinking about waking up each morning and not getting kisses and a constant purring fluff-ball sleeping above my head every nite and all the other love she shows. This is a little series of her life so far.

She is believed to be between 7-10 days old here. This is the day the dog found her.

I think she is about a month old in this picture i'm not exactly sure.

I'm going to kill this crow as best as i can!!! Around 2 1/2 months old.

This one is of her yesterday acting like her poop dont stink!!

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Those are wonderful photos!!, what a cute baby Kricket is!!
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Ya' know, we're just suckers for those cute little faces = I can see why you couldn't let the little one leave! Your 2 year old is beautiful!

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Roxy has sure grown up from an adorable little fluffball to one GORGEOUS cat! (I even made my hubby look at her, and he agrees that she's beautiful!)

And little Kricket is just the cat's meow. What a precious little baby!
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Wow, Roxy is a beauty! Kricket is a pretty girl, I love that pic of her playing with her little toy.
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Ur cat r gorgeos and cute!

Miss Mew, I wonder, kickret is FIV+, how does she stay wh ur other cats? Since u work as a vet tec.. i'm sure u have ur own way to keep her with ur other cat under same roof ..
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My goodness how gorgeous are they!!
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They are both just queens and I would not be able to let the little one go either!!
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Thank you everybody those are my 2 little babies, spoiled rotten. Kricket right now is condemed to my room. She is still quit a trouble maker and I cant trust her out to run the whole house while i'm at work. Roxy has run of the whole house. Once I can trust Kricket I'll have to switch them. Just a matter of locking one up in a room while the other runs the house. Kinda stinks but it's something i'm more than willing to do, to keep my little Kricket around.
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