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I know, I know more vibes.....

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A few days ago my parent's car was broken into. They weren't gone 15 minutes and were in a park. There were also 6 other cars that were also robbed. My parents digital camera, dad's geo-cashing stuff, and mom's wallet were stolen(everything was hidden). Mom immediately cancelled her debit card but not soon enough. She checked her bank account today and they took $200 out right after this happened, before mom and dad even got back to the car.

They found full fingerprints on my dad's altoid can( ) so the cops took it. They said that usually they don't catch these kinds of break-ins but with full prints they might be able to this time.

Please send vibes that they catch these guys. Mom is insured at the bank so she will get her money back so I'm not worried about that. But she had her social security card in her wallet and that is how stolen identities happen. I told her to keep checking out credit cards and stuff. Please send mega-huge vibes that this crime gets solved!
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Oh no Courtney - thats horrible.

I'm sending HUGE vibes out to your parents!
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Since her SSC was stolen, she needs to go to each of the three major credit reporting agencies and file . . . a fraud report? (can't remember the name right now). Basically it lets them know to alert her anytime someone applies for a credit card and she has to approve it.

She also needs to get in touch with the SS office, I believe there's some paperwork she'll need to fill out to help with all this.

Also, the police need to know that her SSC was stolen and it needs to be in the police report (if it's not already). She basically needs to start a paper trail incase something bad happens. She should be able to talk to someone at the police station who can give her more specific info about all this.

I had to do all this myself when I had my wallet stolen a few years ago. Thankfully my neighbor found it in his yard a few days later, with everything still in it!

Sending your parents vibes that they'll catch the people and recover their items! I'm impressed the police even came out! We had 3 or 4 car breakins at my house and they never sent anyone out!

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We just did that with all 3 credit companies. It's pretty easy. We did it because Brent saw the trash man take a piece of paper out of the trash and put it in his pocket. We are usually really good about shredding things, but you can't be too careful. We haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood.) Lots of vibes to your parents. I hope they solve the crime. I'll be thinking of them.
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sending big big vibes
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What your parents can do is contact equifax, Trans-union and the other credit agency and request to be personally contacted before any credit is granted. When I worked we would see this statement pop up on people credit report. We would then contact them and ask some questions confirming its was them and tell them we called because they are appling for credit. We never got a fraud one. I hope everything turns out ok for them and they catch the thiefs.
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Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. That's so aggravating!!! I hope they catch the idiots!
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