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Foster Litter!

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OMG! I just recieved the CUTEST litter of kittens to foster today! They are around 7 weeks old. There are six of them. Three orange males, two calico females and one cream male. I need name suggestions! I'm only fostering them for a week or till they get adopted, but it would be nice to have a name for them. Here are some pictures:

They are just so adorable! I'm trying hard not get attached to them. Feed them, water them and change their bedding/litterbox. That's it. No cuddling, no sleeping with them in bed.... It's hard! I really like the cream male. But, I have to be strong and put my foot down. No more kitties! So, who wants to name them?!
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Awww! If your reallly trying to not et attached, I wouldn't name them. They are so adorable! You keep them in the kennel? I do that do mine too, but they get plenty of playtime outside of it. Keeps them safe.
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OMG! I just realized I accidently posted this in the wrong thread! Whoops.

Yeah, they are kept in a large wire kennel. But of course they get time out. They socialize with my permanent cats and my dogs, with supervision, of course. I haven't brought them outside yet. I don't intend to, either. I feel that a new house is enough of a new enviorment for them to explore for now. I'm sure their new owners will take up the opportunity to take them outside, anyway.
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Just don't name any of the boys Sunshine, That was my cat Indy's name before I got him. I just about died laughing. Although I could have sang "you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey, you'll never know dear how much I love you so please don't take my sunshine away." So nevermind name them Ginger. Sunny D, Sunshine and the cream one should be Butterscotch. Don't have names for the girls.

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I'm moving this to the correct forum for you. Beautiful kitties BTW.
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No cuddling? thats madness!!! How can you resist them?
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Well, I try my hardest not to cuddle too much. A cuddle per kitten per day. I'll be putting myself tothe test.
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which state are you located in?? they are too cute
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Yea interested in a location, to cute to pass by and not notice. hehe
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Your foster babies are beautiful!! I try and go with a letter theme...like all A's or B's. My last foster litter was Buddy, Bernie, Bo, Benson and Brie. The names were semi- personal but not something I would necessarily pick for my own pets. One litter was beach names- Cruz, Zuma, Mali (Malibu), Monica...

BTW...Cuddle them lots, it makes them more adoptable. Believe me, you will love them all but after taking care of them for more than a couple of weeks, you will know they need their own homes
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