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Glad to hear he is going to take it easy today. Keep a close eye on him and see if you can't get him to stay home the rest of the week.
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It's great that he's resting today, but I still think he should go see a doctor. Try the 'direliction of duty' approach!
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I've tried it
And he won't stay out the rest of the week. He did say that if it happens again he will go to the DR... but I worry that what if it's too late next time?
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Tell him that it really worries you and that you have been physically ill thinking that this could be life threatening.
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Those symptoms are very bad, and I agree with previous posters that he should have gone to the ER, not a doctor, when he felt dizzy on the roof, and had a funny taste in his mouth.
You cannot let him not go to a doctor. Things like this get worse and worse and worse. If the doctor can't figure it out, or tells you something that doesn't seem right, go to another one.

Is your husband on any medications? The things you describe are possible reactions to certain drugs.

I don't see this getting better on it's own. There could be serious damage to his body if he doesn't see a doctor.

If all else fails, tell him that not being seen could cause permanent, untreatable erectile dysfunction. That's what my sister tells patients to get them to take their diabetes meds (it's true, too). People who won't listen to "but you could die" will listen to "permanent untreatable erectile dysfunction" so fast it'll make your head spin.
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Good call You know how men are about their "manhood."
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Have you tried explaining to him that, even though he may not think he needs to see a doctor, you're worried about him...and, as a worried wife, it's your right to nag him to death about seeing the doctor? Therefore, he can either a) listen to you nag at him mercilessly for the foreseeable future or b) just take an hour and go to the doctor and then have relative peace. That usually works on Pat...he KNOWS I'm quite capable of nagging nonstop.
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He is feeling alot better everyone! Thanks for the advice. I still want him to go to the Dr but he's being "A man" about it
I went to Walgreens and got him some salt tablets..$11.99 but it's what his Ask-A-Nurse told him to do. He took one with a tall glass of water and we are hoping it might help. We laid down and took a nap around 10:30 this morning and didn't wake up until almost 3 this afternoon I think both of us were exhausted which didn't help his health either.
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