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Has anyone used PROZYME ??

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I had someone recommend PROZYME ( digestive enzyme ) for my kitties to help them absorb the nutrients in their food better and help them break down the starches, proteins and triglycerides.

She told me after 2 months of using I would notice an incredible change in their coats as well.

I bought it and have just started using and was just wondering had anyone else ever tried it and did you notice an overall improvement in your cats health, skin, hair etc.?
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I would love to hear more about it.
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here is some more information from the site I bought mine from. They have it for people, too. I believe it was originally for horses. But the infor on it seems very promising.

........ its on.......... food4pets.com....... and you have to click on prozyme
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Something about that link isn't working. It goes to a page that doesn't match the one you posted?

Why don't you try some plain yogurt with live cultures? I am so skeptical of stuff like this, perhaps overly so... depending on how much it costs.

Animals' bodies are very well designed by Nature, and I don't like to mess with it if nothing's wrong... if it ain't broke, don't fix it kind of philosophy. Let me know how it goes though, maybe you'll make me a believer.
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Sorry I deleted the link dont know why it didnt work ....... its on food4pets.com .........

I have tried my kitties on yogurt before, but only one of them will eat it .....and eat it and eat it LOL he loves his belly, but none of the others would touch it.

I will keep you posted of how it works for me.... Im hoping someone else has tried it.
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I haven't used it. I follow a feline IBD group on YAHOO and several people there use it. I have seen a lot of positive comments about it there.
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I have 3 rescue cats and used prozyme when one was a kitten and really sick with something. 2 vets confirmed FIP but she is now 3 years old so they were both wrong. Its a great product and something that is all natural and will never hurt them. I think in some of the pet magazines they offer a free sample. Anyway, because my cat had high fever, couldn't gain weight, poor coat, lathargic, loose stools she was put on Prozyme and jarro-dopholis and she is now healthy, chuncky and 3 years old. I think alot of holistic vets use it.
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We use it at the cat retirement home - just mix it right in the wet food. It is supposed to be really good but I was not able to see the before/after.
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