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couple of questions

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first question is my kittens are 16 weeks old and every now and then i catch them on the mothers nipple....is this normal? does the mother still have milk?

another question is our queen (5 year old) who WAS an only child now has 3 others in the same house. she gets along with the kittens..plays with them and even gives them baths. when the mother cat of the kittens is near her she tends to wanna fight all the time....if she cant get along with out queen then shes out and I dont want that to happen. has anyone been through this before? is the mother always going to be protective?

last question is when do the kittens stop waking us up at night? im losing sleep cause they play and make a lots of noises....is this something they grow out of? i never had a kitten before.
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Oh hey sorry your thread got overlooked here.

By 16 weeks they should be completely weaned, but they still might go back more as a nuzzling protection type of thing, not really to nurse. Is her milk still there?

The mother needs her milk to dry up if it still isn't and to be spayed. Once she is spayed and her babies are too they will all be fine after awhile. Also realize that the kittens, if there are any males can get her pregnant. So that is a reason to keep them seperated, not only because they are fighting...
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they will be 16 weeks this sunday! i found the male kitten on the mom today...yes she seems to still have milk...i had her spayed a month ago and the male was fixed 2 weeks ago. the male is almost the size of his mom at only 16 weeks old! here is my story on how i rescued them


now here are some recent pics of them

close up of the male kitten, achilles

this is his sister,stitches
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I have fostered several pregnant cats in the past few years. I keep them totally separate (with their kittens) until they are spayed. Then they are introduced to my cats. Some of them join the family and become good friends. Some continue to fuss with my cats. One continued to hiss and spit and slap at my cats. I think it depends on the Mom cat. My kittens are always gone by about 10-12 weeks.

If she can't acclimate to your kitty, your options IMO become keeping her in a separate area of the house, or rehoming her. The foster queen who kept fighting with my cats is happily staying in a new foster home, with no other cats. She will be rehomed to a permanent home as the only cat.

I have heard that you can try putting pure vanilla on the cats so everyone smells the same. Maybe a post in the behavior forum would bring some new ideas for helping your girls get along.
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