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My hubby's worthless cat!

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When our daughter first asked to bring this pathetic little kitten home, my husband said NO! See, he always says cats are worthless. They don't do anything, and they can't help protect the house. After three days of having her in the house, he was hooked! When we took her to the vet to be spayed, he refused to go inside with me. He didn't want her to think he was leaving her to be hurt. When it came time to pick her up, He insisted on being the one to "rescue" her. When we got home, he carried her around so she didn't have to move and hurt herself. (We had her declawed at the same time) He didn't want her to hurt her paws anymore than they already did.

Now, I ask if we could get another one and he says no. They are worthless. when I threaten to get rid of my baby, he gets very upset. You see, he can tell her we are going to have her for dinner, and that is fine, but if ANYONE else threatens to hurt his baby, he goes off the wall. Just remember, All cats are "worthless"!
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My fiance loves the cats, but he won't go anywhere near the vet with them. He doesn't want them to be mad at him. :laughing: So I get to be the big bad. Then, when they come home, he says to them: What did mean Brenda do to you, just to tease me more.

They're pretty forgiving, except Faile was mad at me for 2 days after she was spayed. She got over it, thank goodness.
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lol Maybe he didn't want the cat because he knew how attached he'd get to her?
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That's always possible Bad, but getting him to admit that is like shoving a grown cat into a carrier. Almost impossible. He is great with her, but I think he is the one that made her so meaan!
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