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Arm and Hammer?

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I've heard of some people mixing Arm and Hammer baking soda in their cats litter to help keep odors down, but I was wondering if that was a good thing or not?
I bought some the other day and was reading about it online, and it says you can sprinkle it into the cats litter and you can also put it on the carpet and it don't bother your animals in either instance. So what do you think? Can I use it in their litter boxes and on the floors or could it potentially hurt them? It isn't the pet fresh or anything, just an ordinary box of Arm and Hammer.
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I use the A & H clumping fragrance free litter.
It contains baking soda.
I sure hope it is safe.
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I've heard before that it can irritate kitties bowels somehow. I just don't use it just in case. I don't know for sure though.
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I put baking soda in the boy's litter all the time! It seems to work, and helps with the clumping. I've never read about bowl problems, and mine don't seem to have any issues with that at all.
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We're strong advocates of the A&H Superscoop Fragrance Free litter!
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Hmmm. Maybe I'm better off getting the A&H kitty litter and not using the stuff on the carpets then? I'm just looking for ways to get rid of the musty smells in the house without chemicals. Our house is closed up 99% of the time and I'd hate to hurt the kitties by putting any chemicals in the air they breathe. They only get to go on the porches when we are home and it's not to hot outside. Needless to say this week they haven't been outside to much. And in the winter, they aren't out there at all.
I just thought that in the kitty litter, it'd help with the box odors, and on the carpets, it'd help with the mustiness in the house.
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I use the Arm and Hammer Odor control in Baking soda, and mix it with the clumping litter, then put some more on top of the litter it really works, and Oscar has no qualms about it, I guess it works

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I use it and haven't had any probs! I LOVE it, really cuts down on smell.
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I think it's just fine. Initially it may cause a little dust plume. I use it once in awhile when it just seems a bit stinkier than usual. I also throw it in the trash can before I put the liner in, keep some in the fridge. I don't think kitties should injest it in large quantities.. but I don't think most are likely too. The only time I wouldn't use it is if I had a cat or kitten that was prone to eating the litter.
We also dumped some on my mom's dog and then brushed him out. What had happened was when she initially got him he was sick a lot and the smell got embedded in his fur. It seemed to help a bit. BTW she finally found a diet that works for him.. Purina Lil bites.. He has a problem with digesting fat.
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Arm and hammer makes a product that goes in the litter. I use that and it doesn't bother Phenny. Also there is an arm and hammer allergen reducer carpet treatment I use. It smells good and its says its safe for pets. all you do is sprinkle it on 15 minutes before you vacuum and then vacuum as usual. Works like a champ!
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I use the A&H product that goes in the litter. I've never had a problem with it and it helps a lot with odor!!
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Originally Posted by Jenny82
I use the A&H product that goes in the litter. I've never had a problem with it and it helps a lot with odor!!
I've used it with every cat I've ever had. It smells a little sweeter than regular baking soda to me. And as far as I can tell none of my cats have ever had a reaction or bathroom problems due to it.
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