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A good send off

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I'm relatively new to the site, and haven't posted often, but felt that this was an experience worth posting about, and wanted to share the positivity I feel now things are over

My eldest cat, Willow, had been suffering with kidney failure for 6 years or so, and was recently diagnosed with a tumour in the liver, and completely failed kidneys. He was getting old - 21, same age as me! - and so, yesterday, it was decided it would be for the best for him to be put to sleep. We left him at the vets overnight as it was too hot to have him driven back home in the heat, and we came to see him off properly this afternoon.

A night at the vets had obviously done him the world of good, because he was as chirpier than I'd seen him in months, when we arrived. The vet brought him in to see us, and fed him a few prawns - which he gulped down in one mouthful -, as he purred away, and rubbed himself up against the vet as though they'd been friends for a lifetime. He was definitely happy

I'd decided not to stay with him til the very end - I didn't trust myself to be strong for him, as I've never witnessed anything similar before, and didn't know how I'd react - but I knew the vet would take care of him. After what felt like less than a minute, the vet emerged and told us that he'd slipped away immediately. It was definitely time for him to go, and I'm very pleased that the decision was made before he was in too much pain.

I feel as though this has been the perfect end for him. He really was happy in his final moments, and the vets treated him like a little prince

He'll be cremated during the week, and we'll be getting his ashes back some time next week.

So.. R.I.P Willow, big sweetheart Eat happily over the Rainbow bridge

( Recent pic, if you're interested )
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That does sound like a beautiful and peaceful way to go.

I am sorry for your loss, nonetheless.

Rest in peace at the bridge Willow, and enjoy your perfect health.
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sweet darling Willow.. what a handsome boy you are

what a wonderful long life you have had and now, you are pain free and eating all the prawns that you want. Remain happy little boy, you will always be loved and remembered... until you meet again

RIP Willow
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Rest in Peace little Willow. Play happily always.
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RIP to your dearest Willow, I'm glad that his last moments were pleasant.
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That was very endearing Bless you and bless your baby.
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I think you did the best, for both of you. You prevented him having a ton of pain, and you having to watch your baby suffer. (((Hugs))) beleive it or not, you were very strong, and your actions proved it, you know when to let go, I see so many animal lovers that just won't let go, they make the animal suffer-thinking it's the right thing. Kudos to you!

I had to make this for you, I understand if you don't use it, sometimes it's hard to even look at pics.

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What a wonderful vet you have And to you for finding the strength to give Willow a quality of life.

Willow what a stunning little boy you are and your certainly going to have the girl kitties follow you around now your safely over the bridge
Eat all the prawns you want there because theres no end to them

KatKisses that siggies a lovely gesture
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Condolences on your loss of Willow. You showed true love and great courage in allowing Willow a peaceful exit from this life to his great reward over Rainbow Bridge. And someday you will be reunited with him again, forever Thank you for sharing -reading your post will surely help others to make that painful, but best-for-the-pet decision.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Bless for having the courage and love for Willow to give him a peaceful end to a long, happy life. RIP sweet one.
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Deepest condolences on the loss of Willow, the kitty of your childhood! I am so sorry for your loss! What a lovely way to go..with a kiss and a snack of prawns! Rest in peace, Willow!
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