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Cat hiding under the bed, acting aggresive

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After not being able to find my cat for about 20 minutes, I looked under my bed and there she was. When I reached in to try and pet her, she immediately started hissing and growling, and scratched at me. I tried tossing a cat treat under there, and she attacked that as well. I've tried to get her to move by gently pushing her with a book, but she stays in about the same area and attacks the book. I can't think of any reason why she'd be under there acting so aggressively. Does anyone have any advice?
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She might be sick. You should have a vet check her out.
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Try to leave her be for a little bit and let her calm down. You might just be agitating her more by trying to shoo her out from under the bed. After a little time has passed, go into the room and just call to her, calmly, and see if you can get her to come out that way. Maybe rattle the treat container or something like that--make a sound she associates with good things. Don't toss anything under the bed or poke at her with anything, because she seems to be viewing that as an act of aggression on your part. Something could have spooked her, or she could have hurt herself on something in the house, or the heat could be getting to her, there's no way really to tell exactly what it is. But I think you need to give her a little time to calm down.
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Well if she isn't reacting to having seen a strange cat outside the window, or to a new smell on something indoors, or to someone having accidentally scared her or stepped on her tail, and there were no sudden noises, etc. prior to the event, I can only think she should see the vet to find out if she has some medical emergency that she can't tell you about. You'd have to figure out how to extract her from under the bed (pushing at her with brooms, etc. won't do it, though corraling her from both sides (close the room door first) at the same time or turning the bed on its side might work as long as it doesn't fall on her. Use gloves and towels to catch her and get her into whatever you can to bring her along, but don't make her 'crazy' in all of this if you think nothing physical's wrong because you realize something did scare her, etc. Maybe a little time out is in order to give her time to cool off and be 'ignored', rather than trying to wheedle her out aggressively. You know her best.
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Yeah, I only tried to get her to move the one time. I've since left her alone and just recently peeked under the bed. She meows at me a little but still won't move. I can't think of anything that would have scared her, such as another cat at the window or loud noises. The only thing that has changed recently was me cleaning up my room a little, but I don't think that would have caused her to hide under the bed. She was seemingly fine while I was cleaning, laying on the bed or running around my feet. If she doesn't come out in a couple hours I'll see about taking her to the vet.
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Is she spayed? If not is it possible she's preparing for kittens?
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Get her to the vet. She is trying to tell you something, and it sounds to me like you are listening, now you need to act. Good luck!
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Well, I was about to call the vet when my cat decided to crawl out from under the bed and sit by my feet for a few minutes before going back under the bed. About 15 minutes after that she came out again and has been laying on my bed for close to a half hour. I think she might have been scared by construction going on outside this morning while I was sleeping. Thanks for all the responses, I'm going to keep a close eye on her for the rest of the night and tomorrow just to be safe
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Did you move some furniture around while you were cleaning? With all the construction noise going on outside, she might be experiencing some anxiety with any changes you made with her surroundings. Could be the scent of whatever cleaning products you were using, too. Kitties can be soooo hyper-sensitive to what's going on around them, and if you were using the vacuum, that could have put her over the edge---especially after dealing with the noisy construction monsters outside. WE know the construction monster isn't going to come inside and harm us, but our kitties don't.
Sounds like your little one is just nervous and will probably calm down, especially if you don't act too concerned about the noise. They do take some cues from us! If it's really noisy out there, try running a floor fan on high to mask some of the sound. A little "white noise" can be helpful, cats have amazing hearing and the steady hum may calm her down by diffusing the other noises.
If she doesn't get back to her normal, lovable self soon then by all means, go to the vet. She could have accidentally hurt herself and can't tell you. Just don't reach for her under the bed and try to take her away from her "safe place". As you've seen, they *will* come out when they are good & ready!
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