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My cat only wants to eat wet food

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It's been about two years since I've taken in this stray and I do give her wet food quite a bit but I always keep out dried food as well and now it's come to the point where she just constantly follows me and meows and bugs me until I give her wet food, which I try to do once every two or three days now (she's gotten quite fat). Any tips for trying to stop a cat from demanding wet food all of the time? She's an indoor cat as it is so I don't want her to become unhealthy.
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Some cats prefer wet food over dry.

My cats won't eat anything but the dry Vet food that I buy for them. They don't even like human treats like tuna and chicken. And when I do try to give them canned food they just lick up the sauce part and that's it. So all I give them now is just their regular dry stuff.

If your cat only likes wet food, let her have it, and if she's over weight, consult your Vet and buy your canned food from there. You can get high quality low calorie food for your cat that won't compromise her health. And it's important to not put her on a diet designed by you. Cats have special needs when it comes to diet and if you deprive them of their requirements and starve them into losing weight, they will get really sick.
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Wet food is not necessarily more fattening. Depends on what you're feeding. Our vet told us that because canned food has a higher percentage of water than dry does, it can actually be less fattening than dry. Talk to your vet about what food is best for your kitty's weight, and maybe you can start feeding wet regularly and cut back on dry. That way, everybody can be happy.
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have the vet check her teeth & gums, too. She could have a dental problem that causes her pain or discomfort when crunching on dry food.
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Do observe, if she is rather on the fat side, she shouldnt be starving, not more than 24 hours. Big risk for liverdamages, the s.c. fatty liver.

I believe a high animal protein-diet is best. Some of the veterinary low calorie diets has cereals instead of fat and animal-proteins. Not so good. OK for lower fat, but cats needs animal proteins.
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My sister-in-laws cats are fat as can be and all they eat is dry. Sooo.... I would agree that canned is not necessarily more fattening.
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One of my cats will only eat dry food. I've tried all different kinds of wet, and she just sniffs them and walks away. I think if they will only eat one thing, then there's not much else you can do.
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We moved Bijou over to more wet food as the dry food was making him overweight.

A good quality wet food is really better for your kitty anyway. If the dry food is hurting her teeth that would probably be the reason for not eating it. Also, if your cat seems hungry all the time, perhaps you need to go to a better quality food and she'll actually eat less and be satisfied.

Vets often don't know much about nutrition so keep that in mind when talking with your vet.
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