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Is essential oil of catnip bad for cats?

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When my cat freaks out which isn't very offten I put some diluted essential oil of catnip on his fur and comb it through. THe funny thing is he usually licks and licks and licks then conks out.

I have read everywhere that aromatherapy can be dangerous for kitties so I want to ask if this is bad. I don't want to hurt my cat.

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Essential oils in general aren't good for cats because they do not have the metabolic system that we do.
(see also the pdf file from the apsca linked at the bottom)

However, I don't know anything about catnip essential oils, usually the ones that pose the most harm are those used in "all-natural" flea repellants and home or personal fragrances.
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I am just wondering because if cats can eat it and not be harmed I wonder why the essential oil of it would do bad things to them but Iam going to call a vet and make sure.

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Essential oils are extremely concentrated. But I'm curious, too, so please let us know what you find out.
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I think it depends on the per centage of the catnip oil...I know that catnip oil mixed with spring water is safe for spraying on toys and cat trees etc., but a purer/higher concentration (and are you saying nothing else is added to this essential catnip oil - no other ingredients?) of catnip oil is so potent, I would not use where a cat would ingest it like this.

I'm glad you are checking with your vet.
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What about contacting the company that makes the oil? I'd be interested the hear the answer as well.
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Its diluted in soybean vegitable oil. I just put a few drops of the mix on my hands and massage him with it and them comb it into his fur. He doesn't get straight catnip oil.

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Soybeans can be just as bad...

Something about making them malabsortive of taurine. Which is a very very bad thing. I would discontinue rubbing this on him. Why not buy him some organic catnip that he can snack on?
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Well, it sounds like the only oil he's getting is what he might happen to ingest while grooming himself. Can he get enough that way to hurt him?
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The last time I got him catnip he got into the cupboard found the bag opened the bag and spread catnip all over the floor. and if the mix is bad for him I'll just use it on me. I like it.

This is a cat who can open a tote with sliding and clicked closures. One time I saw him try to open it by scooting his paw across it like I do my hand. It didn't work though because he's missing that opposable thumb. Maybe I should go to the craft store and get a small metal tin for the catnip. I could put stickers on it that says "Indy's stash"
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I keep my plastic tub of 'nip in the fridge, where she can't get to it. It's as good as a safe against cats, that or a tall shelf, like where you would be keeping cleaning products so the cats can't get them either.
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I will try that but really I have child proof locks on my cupboard not for the kids I don't have but for the cat i do.
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i was always under the impressin that it was the smell of the cat nip not eating it that cats liked?
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