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Severly underweight cat

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Hi, I'm new here and I'm hoping someone has some good advice. I have a 15 year old cat who has had vomiting issues in the recent past and has become very picky. The vet thinks her vomiting might have been caused by some bad teeth. We decided not to pull because of her age and we treated her with antibiotics. She has lost a lot of weight and I'm trying to nurse her back to health. She does have dimished kidney function but after numerous vet visits I have decided not to make her go through any more. Does anyone have any advice on what to feed her to help her gain weight back. She has an appetite for things she likes. I have been feeding her mashed turkey and supplementing with Nutri-Cal. She is drinking and using the litter box. Any advice would be extremely helpful.

Thank you for your help!
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Has she had a senior panel done in the last couple of months ... I see she has kidney issues... What does she take or get to assist with that ...??? I am unsure of her numbers but I have had two dentals on my kandie who has CRF and she is healtheir cause of them
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I know he's not a cat but our dog Tails is 13yrs old and a few months ago started going down hill and the vet recommended removing his teeth. 13 teeth extractions later he has put on all his weight and feels like a new "man".

The vet told us he would continue to get worse if we didn't remove the teeth and all of the infection. They told us the antibiotics were only a temporary solution. I was so worried because of his age but his senior panel was great and he did wonderful.

He was given a prescription wet dog food to help put back on his weight.
You might want to talk to your vet about that.
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Has she been tested for hyperthyroidism? I know you don't want to put her through more vet visits, but she can feel better with treatment if you and your vet can determine what is wrong with her. Nutrical will add some calories, but if there is an underlying disorder causing the weight loss, it may not help much.
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I second getting kitty tested for hyperthyroidism. I had an elderly cat with that who lost 1/2 her body weight. Diabetes could be a culprit also.

My skinny cat ate and ate but still lost weight. We supplemented with a kitty cat Ensure like product...cant remember the name, Pet Smart had it. It was a liquid "milk" product that was high in calories.

After reading at TCS, meat baby food is recommended, make sure it has not onions or garlic in the ingredients. More calories? NOt sure about that, worth a comparison. Kitten cat food is also more calories per serving than adult - kittens need the extra.
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Originally Posted by CDubbie
After reading at TCS, meat baby food is recommended
I think this is usually recommended when one is having difficulty getting a cat to eat which isn't actually the case here.
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