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Thank you!

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I just wanted to say thank you to all of you here who make it a point to help out the folks who find their self with a pregnant cat. Thank you for not being judgmental. Thank you for having a section where people can educate themselves and get the advice they need to make a better life for their little mommas. You guys were great and helped us out quite a bit during the whole process. I learned so much about cats and kittens over the months that I can now give advice to other people like I was who have no idea what they are doing.

Our babies are now gone to their fur-ever homes with the exception of our newest family member Bull. I thank God for that little booger he’s such a blessing to our hearts.

All of you helped make it possible for us to know how to find the best possible life for each one of our babies.

Bull- (Bullyard Brunsworth Catson) Is staying in our family… he completes our four pack.

Sammy Jr. was adopted and is doing great in his new home. His new name is Stinky and he is getting along great with his new meowmy.

Whiskers is now living a life appropriately fitting to him. His name is Chucky which is fitting since he turned out to be a bit of a fireball in the end.

Rosie and Hanna will both stay together and keep their names! They were adopted by a couple who recently had their calico cat of 20 years pass away. It makes me very happy to know the sisters will be together for a long happy life.

The house feels so empty now with the babies gone…. We may just have to start fostering a preg momma soon. …sigh
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That is such a nice post. I have to agree with you that the "regulars" in this forum deserve a huge round of applause for their advice, and patience

Fostering a pregnant cat is a wonderful idea!
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Good to know it all has worked out. I love fostering.

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I've said it before, I will say it here yet again, the regulars on the TCS Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care Forum are among the best people there are! Thanks for your generous compliments! It is always nice to hear that someone has been helped!
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I def. agree! Without this site I'd have more grey than I do now! And I'm only 31. When I came lurking on here I had no idea what to expect and I was just totally frustrated at having my cat got out even just ONE time, and on top of that being pregnant. So I am with you this one. Every post and questioned was answered and so so helpful. The support is so awesome! This is truly a wonderful, wonderful site! My MaxSheba, and I thank you for a purr-fectly wonderful place to learn and recieve support.
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