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Flea infestation

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I'm currently in the process of moving into a new basement suite. There has been a recent flea infestation there over the 3 weeks. The suite has been fumigated once but I was over there yesterday and today and noticed that there are still fleas jumping all over me. Apparently they haven't eaten in a while because they're pretty hungry as the bites on my body can prove it. When I was sitting on the couch at my "old" place last night, I noticed that a flea was crawling on me here too now so they're in both homes as one or two have managed to catch a lift over. My cat is still here with me at my old place but I'm not sure how to go about keeping him flea-free. I've got advantage for him but I'm not certain if this will keep him flea-free. Does it kill fleas and their eggs or just their eggs?

Also, the fumigation is guaranteed for 90 days. The eggs that have hatched recently (because fumigations only kill the fleas and not the eggs), should the fleas from them be killed by the residual fumigation that took place before they hatched?

And lastly, if the fleas won't go on Giles because he's got Advantage, does that mean that they'll continue to jump all over me and my roommate? I'm hesitant to move my bedroom furniture over there until I know that the fleas are gone but I can't wait much longer. Hehehe. Why is it that moving never goes quite as easily as anticipated?
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If you have the number for the people who fumigated your place you should ask them if after the fumigation should you still be seeing fleas. I'm not knowledgeable about what types of poisons they use and how it effects fleas. So if you ask them they should give you the answers. It's possible since they guarenteed it for 90 days that they will come out and fumigate again if its really bad with fleas. I see no reason why not.

One thing that I've used is boric acid. It's safe for you and pets. Basically its a powder that can be sprinkled on top of carpet (like carpet freshner). So to use it you sprinkle it on your carpets (where fleas like to hide) and take a broom and brush it into the carpet. Don't vacuum for a week. It won't harm you or your cats if you have moved in while doing this. I've seen it where fleas start jumping out of the carpets after a day or two but don't worry, they won't be around much longer. After a week take out the vacuum and vacuum your carpets normally. I only do this once a year and it seem to work just fine. You can also use boric acid on your bed, couches, chairs, etc. Here's a site that has some info on what boric acid is http://www.dfwx.com/boric.htm Also you can find it in some pet stores (check the flea section).

But again you may want to talk with your fumigator first. See if they can do something about the fleas since they should already be dead. If not ask him if you use boric acid will it effect any of the chemicals they used that reside in the carpets. I would hate to see some sort of reaction, I doubt there are any worries about that since the poisons they used should be gone by now, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious.

I hate moving.
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