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Need help FAST

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I took my kitties to the vet yesterday, they all had eye gunkies...

He gave me oral antiobiotics, and the ointment for their eyes, well they are all easy to do..EXCEPT Squiggles...She is insane..If she even sees me come near her she flees the scene.I know how important it is to treat her, thats why i took her..Plus I dont want her to be like this..she is the worst out of them all.
When sneaking up on her, or calling her for treats, and trying to do it, she still goes crazy, claws and bites..
I have my 6yr old trying to hold her down, we've tried everything, even the good old towel trick..
ITs impossible,...We got the oral in, but not the ointment..I work 12 hr shifts, so its already hard enough. I dont have an extra 12 hrs to try to chase her..

Also, my son is the only one I have to help, just moved out here, and know no one, not any adults, etc...
I cant afford to take her every 12 hrs to the vet, to get it administered..
I guess her true nature is showing now, I always thought she couldnt/wouldnt bite and claw..
I dont know what to do!!!!

Also she is shedding BAD..I dont know if this is part of being sick, the season, or the fact its so hot..Vet said nothing about it..But everytime she breaks free hair goes flying
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Cats will sometimes start to shed a lot when they get stressed. My two shed like crazy whenever they go to vet, then as soon as they get home it stops.

I wish I had a suggestion to make the ointment application go easier. I was going to say try wrapping her in a towel, but I see you've tried that already.
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Cats do shed alot when they are stressed. The only thing I can think of is putting her in a pillowcase, and putting her on the floor. Hold the top and leave a hole big enough for her head, when she finally pokes it out, smear the meds really quickly and let her go. I have one like that-cuts and runs and is a Tasmanian Devil to get ahold of, but I have help, so... maybe you could get a travel size pillowcase, wrap her in the towel and drop her in with her head sticking out- you wouldn't be fighting the rest of the towel unwrapping that way. I hope someone else can help you more! You might also ask your vet if you can bring her in and have someone help- they may not charge you (ask ) especially if they are helping you, not taking her in the back to do it.
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When cats are stressed, they can lose so much hair that you'd swear they're going bald! To help with the shedding, maybe try brushing kitty. That is if he'll let you get near him! When you wrap the towel around him are you insuring it's wrapped around his legs, too? If you just throw it around him he can easily get loose. You have to literally wrap him like he's a mummy. And are you doing it standing up or sitting down? It's alot easier to handle cats when you're standing and they are at waist level. Try wrapping the towel around him and holding him on the counter (with his back against the wall). Alot of cats try to "back" out of things. (they walk backwards out of your arms). If you do it with his back against the wall then it'll be alot less hard for him to escape.

Good luck and don't let it stress you out
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