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Panting cats???

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I never seen a cat pant until today. i know its hot in my apt and its lie 100 outside we have fans and i have been wiping my cats with a wet cool cloth but while i was playin with prince well i was petting him i noticed he was panting, should i be alarmed? i keep fresh cold water for them and fans that they can sit in front of i have to work today i dont want to come home to a dead new kitten cuz it was to hot or somethin
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Mine pant at play when it gets too hot.
Cats can generally take the heat better than dogs, so if he's panting, he's overheated himself.
Keep doing what you're doing, and add ice cubes to their water a couple times a day, and limit playtime to the coolest hours of the day.

You can also get a few plastic wash tubs and fill with ice and place them in front of the fans.
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They're hot. Cats can only sweat through their paws, so they get hot easily, although thye do have a higher base body temp. If you see a cat regularly panting when you don't see why they should be hot, then you should be concerned, but when its nearing 100 with no a/c then I'd wonder about it if they weren't.

It sounds like you're doing a great job trying to stay cool! One thing many kitties like is playing with an ice cube on a tile or linoleum floor, it makes a cool noise and helps them cool off at the same time!

Make sure they have a spot to be in the shade, even in your apartment, close all your blinds and such. They should be okay, if you don't have anywhere else for them. Also, you could put a bowl of ice around each fan to help cool your place off.

(Arlyn, great minds must think alike!) So, yeah, what she said!
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aww he is overheated??? i will keep doing what i am doing but will he be ok while i am at work? Princess is not panting tho but then again she is in the cabinet staying away from him, lol
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Cats will pant in extreme heat. The best thing to do is keep them as cool as you can. I remember one year when the AC quit in the middle of a heat wave. I had kittens at the time (3 months old).

I took every cat and kitten in the house and wet them down. The kittens layed around the water bowl and when we got a fan going, they all gathered there and actually perked up and started playing. Luckily the AC got fixed fast and we didn't lose anyone, but I've never seen cats that hot before - they did pant some.
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