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I got a puppy!!

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Just what the titles says... Ok so it's not mine but I'm watching her over the weekend and hopefully on my vacation.

Coco(Real original name huh?) is a 4 month old brown and white pit bull who is as sweet as pie. Her and Scooby have been wrestling all evening and I'm sure she'll sleep well tonight... Or at least I hope.

I only have her because my friend's sister owns her and is trying to find a home for her. Her sister is having a rough time right now and it's best for her not to have a puppy to deal with. It's going to be hard but we want to find a really good home for her.

Send good thoughts for Coco... She needs them!!
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CoCo sounds so cute! I hope you guys can find her a good home!
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Awwwww. She sounds cute. Good luck 'home hunting'
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I hope little Coco finds a really good home.
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I just LOVE little pit bull puppies! They are just so adorable. Sending good forever home thoughts out for Coco. She sounds like such a sweetie.
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I also love Pit Bull's! They are one the best dogs. I hope you can find her a home soon. Good Luck!
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Just wondering if you found her a home yet?
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Awww... Thanks for asking.

Unfortunatly we have not found her a home yet. People hear the term "Pit Bull" and we've lost their attention. My friend has not recieved any calls yet from the posters she's put up and frankly it's getting discouraging.

She's not getting the exercise she needs nor is she getting the training. I'd love to take her but my furries all voted a big NO!!
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Aww sorry to hear you're having trouble finding her a home.. Unfortunately though you're right, Pit-bulls do seem to have a bad reputation... lots of good thoughts coming your way to find lickle Coco a good home!!
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Here's a thought - don't advertise her as a Pit Bull. Too many horror stories associated with that title. Advertise her as a full-bred Staforshire Terrier. You may at least get some people interested, and once they meet her and see she isn't a horrible monster, they may change their minds about it. At least you could get them in the door, and perhaps re-educate them about the breed.

Another one sending lots of love and positive energy to this sweet little girl.
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Here are a couple of rescue organizations which might be able to help.

Pit Bull Rescue;
American Rescue League:

Maybe they can help find a forever home to the little one.

Good Luck!
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ooooops half of the pit bull recues' ULR did not post. Here it is again:

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Heidi, that's a good idea but unfortunatly the local pound already does that with Pits they have up for adoption and it doesn't work. Often they'll call the dog a lab mix(which is wrong to do) but once people see that block head they're turned off.

I get the same reaction when people see Scooby(Rotti cross). His tail will be failing everywhere, his tounge is hanging out of his mouth in a big goofy grin but some people sneer at him or make rude comments.
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I am so sorry you have not found her a home. I wish you were closer to me. I would love to have her. I just love Pit Bulls! I have owned them before and mine were really good dogs. All they ever want is someone to love them! I hope she gets a good home very soon!
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As with every animal - you get in return what you put in!! My neighbor has the sweetest little pit bull - he wants to visit with anyone he sees and when he gets close to you he flopps on his back, legs up and wants a bell rub - donsen't matter if he knows you or not!:tounge2: :tounge2:

Good luck in your search - hope you find a home for the sweety soon!

PS: I love rotties!! They are just such sweeties
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I hope you can find Coco a good home soon!

I love Rotties too! My Aunts friend has a Rottie and she's such a sweetheart!
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I don't want to instigate BUT have you considered keeping him?
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Yes, I considered it but when we puppysat her for that weekend it just threw every animal in the house out of wack. She kept jumping on poor Natala who's back and hips are very weak so Natala stayed with Brian's grandmother and poor Scooby got tired of having her hang off his face. He wound up having an infection from it!

And the poor cats were so good about it but you could tell they were very stressed out.
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I sure hope this puppy finds a home. If you lived near here, I would have a home for it in a heartbeat...I have a friend who LOVES pit bulls...and hers came up missing several months ago...she has searched everywhere, and had ads running in all the papers.... but no luck. Someone called her that found a pit bull....and she went to see it, but it wasn't hers. It was obviously dumped by someone, and starving, so she adopted it..and I know she would take this one too, if she lived closer.
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I have a thing against pit-bulls, as my first cat was killed by one. The dog had gotten off the lead, ran into the house and killed poor Reg. It was horrible. Sorry to be negative about them.
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That's the sad thing.... Is they are all sterotyped as being bad dogs because of one experience or what they saw on TV. Not that having your cat killed by one isn't an awfull experience but not every Pit kills cats, in fact they tend to like them more than other dogs(Of course as long as they were socialized with them as being terriers they have high prey drives).

When I lived with my dad there was a couple who owned a white Pit bull and he was the sweetest thing when he was a baby but the people who owned him were.... how should I say.... Losers.... They kept him tied to a tree and who knows what else because that dog became dangerously aggressive. He broke his chain and ran down the street just as Brian and I were heading to my house. Brian swerved and just missed him and when we got out of the car he kept charging us and snarling. Everytime a car drove by he'd break away and lounge at it. I ran in the house and called the dog officer and later found out they had to take him down with tranqs because he kept charging them.

I am sorry to hear about your cat though, I always hate hearing stories like that. My Lab when I first adopted her, hated cats and got away from me on the leash and attacked one. Luckily the cat was not seriously hurt and I did learn an important lesson that day about how much control you think you have on your dog and how much you really have.

Good news though!!

My friend just talked to someone yesterday about him knowing a nice responsible home that **gasp** LOVES Pit Bulls. We're hoping his friend would like to have another one and for Coco's sake I hope this is it.
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