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Jades Eyes, AGAIN!

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So I had posted about thinking Jade had been scratched in the eye by Isis. I had called the vet and they told me the left over eye goop I had for Isis should clear up Jade's eye. It started working great and was almost completely healed, until yesterday. Now, BOTH eyes are gooped and the third eyelid is half way over the eye. So I called immediately yesterday and got her a vet appointment for Wednesday at 9:30. (I Neglected paying a bill so I could take her to the vet :/) Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!
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We've had an URI going around in our house and our cats' eyes have been flaring up just like what you're describing. It's tailing off finally...ugh. We found that drops with steroids in them work the best and quickest to clear them up.
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I hope it is nothing serious, Sibohan had an eye infection due to a scratch, the vet gave me a gel antibiotic to put on her eye. It was a pain to get it in her eye but she recovered in about a week. And it wasn't all that expensive. I hope things work out the same for you and take care of Jade.
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