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Okay I just got a cat, she's 4 months old. Around what age does she get her heat for mating? It seems spaying would be a good thing for her on the right time. Still have to check the vet on this.
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How old does a female cat need to be spayed? I have a 4 month old cat and it seems spaying might lessen her chances of looking for mates thus lessening her chances of wandering to the outside.
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She can be spayed anytime. 4 months is old enough as long as she weighs more than 2 pounds (which she should).
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Yes, she can be spayed anytime. It has many many benefits besides just keeping her from wandering, also. Spaying reduces the risks of certain types of cancer, prevents pyometra a very serious infection, keeps her body from being in stress from going in and out of heat, and keeps her from becoming pregnant, which is also taxing on her body.
So you are making a very good decision!
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Spaying can be done at 6 weeks old or 2 lbs! So she is good to go. Some vets are a bit old fashioned and insist on waiting until 6 months. Waiting is just silly because a cat can get out and get pregnant at 4 months of age. So why on earth would anyone wait until 6 months? If your vet won't do it now then find one who will. Having her spayed before her first heat is a great idea, doing so will greatly reduce her risk of getting cancers and disease when she is older.
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Don't wait - she's old enough now, so get her spayed as soon as you can.

And Jen - I think most vets consider 8 weeks to be the youungest as that's when they generally weigh 2 pounds.
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Can anyone give me some hints so as how to convince my Dad to allow me to have Hades spayed? I've told my Mom she gave it a ok but my Dad might be against it, he does have some appreciation for cats since he took care of ferals during his kiddie days. But it seems Spaying might be a new thing for him and he may not look forward to it. Thanks!
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do a google search on how many kittens will come if she isnt ... I think the number is like 115 kittens for every unspayed female over a lifetime... Pymetra an infection of the uterus that can kill
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lol I told Dad when he just came home and it was no problem at all. Now I gotta check whether she's gotta take some vaccinations etc. before she gets spayed.
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