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RIP Jonah

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As many of you know I have been handraising my baby Jonah for almost 5 weeks. He started getting sick yesterday, and acting strangely Sunday. I woke up this morning and he crossed over sometime after 2:45 this morning......I knew this might happen, but, it still hurts so badly. He was the sweetest little thing. I hope I done evrything in my power. I keep telling myself I gave him a good life for the short time he was here, and a lot of love. Maybe it was a genetic defect since the rest of the litter passed shortly after birth. Whatever, I still have a broken heart. RIP Baby Jonah
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The poor baby, i'm so sorry You gave Jonah love in the 5 short weeks he was here on earth and thats something he'll always remember

He's crossing Rainbow Bridge right now and all the TCS cats and kittens will be there at the other end to take him to his new home
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I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you. *hugs*

Run free Jonah.
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I'm so sorry for you loss.

Rest in peaceful play Jonah, your siblings will show you around - and remember to look down on the humans who love and miss you.
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Poor little Jonah. Rest in Peace little sweety.

I'm sure he had the best life filled with love, even though it was short.
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I am deeply sorry for your loss . Jonah transcended with a loving memory of a kind human who showered him love. The service you gave that creature in the short time he's lived, he will always remember.

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Condolences on your sad looss of Jonah. Even though his life was too,too short, it was a life filled with love and comfort. Godspeed over RB, jonah...
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Thank you everyone....
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play happily Jonah - RIP
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Just hang on to the knowledge that baby Jonah knew nothing but love and care while he was with you...and he will remain a young and vibrant soul for all of time. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Oh, my I know the pain of losing a kitten, too. I once lost 3 from a litter of 5 but to lose them all is almost too much! And when you bottle feed you get so extremely close to them!

You are a good person to care for such tiny ones. May their memories be a comfort to you!
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Rest in Peace, Jonah
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