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Daily Thread July 18/06

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Good morning!

I think I got the date right this time

How is everyone's Tuesday so far?

I'm at my parents place for the next couple of days (they live closer to my workplace...much shorter commute)

We finally have a break from the muggy heat wave, and the temps are supposed to be in the high 80's today with lots of sunshine!

Have a wonderful day everybody!
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Good Morning! I am rather tired again today. I don't know what my problem is waking up lately. Its going to be anohter hot one here in Georgia. But I guess we are not alone in the heat! Stay cool and have a great day!
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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!!

I stayed up really late last night writing a I am very tired this morning.

But At least tonight is Margarita Night with my friends, because I need some time to relax!!

Oh yeah and today its suppose to be 100 with a heat index of 106 !!

I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday!!
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What a beautiful morning it is! The thunderstorm we had last night has cleared all the clouds out of the sky and it's going to be a lovely day.
I've been working on my neighbour's bathroom (lots of patching and caulking) so at 7:30 this morning I was hanging out their window trying to recaulk the seal around their window. Someone came out of the building and looked very surprised to see me hanging out the 3rd floor!
Today I'm training the new lady at work, so that should be interesting.
Have a great day everyone!
Alaynna, don't drink too many margaritas! :cheers:
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Good Morning

It will be hot here today too!! But I would rather have sun and humidity then snow and ice

Not much new here, I'm enjoying a coffee and I think I may get some actual work done today. I'm not freaking out so much about the flies anymore. I just kill them as I go about my day at home Little nasty beasts.

I think I'm going out for a coffee with my office manager today so that will be a good break..Don't worry, she takes everyone, I'm not in trouble.

Anyway, have a great day folks!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom
Good Morning

It will be hot here today too!! But I would rather have sun and humidity then snow and ice
Amen to that!!

Originally Posted by pushylady
Alaynna, don't drink too many margaritas! :cheers:
I won't , maybe just one or two
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It's hot, really hot! . Weve got all the doors and windows open at work here with a warm breeze coming through. What i'd give to have a dish of cool water so i could put my feet into
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Good afternoon everyone! Its a beautiful day here for a change, not sure if its as hot as yesterday as I'm stuck in the office..
I'm off on holiday next week and I'm just counting the days to Friday.....
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Hey all,

I have to make myself finish my portfolio papers for my masters degree. this 'no due date' thing is KILLER!

Plus I have other things I want to do - walk my kitty with his new walking jacket; go shopping, read my Agatha Christie book, nap. . .etc.
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Good Morning All

So far today has been rotten... I am only hoping that it's gets better. I didn't sleep last night, woke up with a banging headache and a confirmation that once again, I am not pregnant. I am also fighting with my husband, shortly after our wonderful weekend, over his drug addict of a brother & mother. And because I'm just saturated in misery today, I've been a little short with people, including one girl at work (whom I don't like for many other previous reasons) so she apoligized for not giving me all the necessary info explaining that her mother died last night and she's not emotionally there... perfect time for this smilie. So that's my day so far in a nut shell.... and I haven't had my coffee yet cause the pushcart guy George didn't show up today on account of the 106 degree heat index....

I truly hope you all are having a wonderful day!
(I'm sure mine will be better once I get home to my LuckyGirl!)
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We had a cold front move though last night but of course we didnt get any rain. So once again watering is on the agenda. I am making headway on my weeding as my landscape job for today and tomorrow os postponed until the homeowner finds the leak in his pond. Errands today and mail out my sis b-day pkg. Have an appt tonite for a job that I have to do not much else.
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Oh yeah and today its suppose to be 100 with a heat index of 106 !!

yeah that is the samething over here.
I have a really nice boss and she said that we can take the day of.

Have a good tuesday everyone!!!
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Afternoon everyone!
I am off today! and boy did I need it! Even though I only worked my normal 48 hours this week, it feels like I've worked over 1000. Yesterday the manager and I were snapping at each other. It was to hot to be working in a restaurant or anything that makes your thermometer read to the top of it and can go no further. So we were hot, cranky and irritatable and that's not a good combination. Thankfully though we didn't take our moods out on the crew. They didn't deserve it. We were just being nasty and because of the heat.
It's better today. For me at least, because I have my doors opened (granted the a/c is still on shhh don't tell hubby) but the kitties wanted out on the porches and since it wasn't that hot, I let them. They've been cooped up in the house for days now because of the heat, so today it's their turn to be "outside"(on the porch) for a little while anyway, and if they get to hot, they can come inside and lounge by the a/c vents. For the next week, I've got a gravy schedule as I call them. I work all days except for one. But I also work 6 days but that's not a big deal because I have short shifts on 2 of them. It's because the manager is going to another store to work and the other shift leaders can't work days. gravy for me!!! I love working all days. Unfortunately it won't last. but I can enjoy it while it does!!!
Nothing to exciting going on today but cleaning the house. It needs it badly!!!
Yikes! Can you say neglected!? It's a wonder I can find the cats in here with all the mess!

Have a fantastic week everyone!!!
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