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Vibes for Brody, Please

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Brody has not been doing very well for the past several days. He began to lose his appetite last week on Thursday. I noticed Friday morning when I went to fill up his food bowl that he had not even eaten half of his food from the day before. I thought that maybe the heat was getting to him so I didn't worry too much. His overall attitude seemed to be ok at that point. He was still playful and remained that way through Sunday evening. My fiancé's son was with us for the weekend, who Brody adores. When he left to go home Brody seemed to go into a deep depression. It started with him crying at the front door, and then spending the remainder of the evening laying on the day bed looking at the wall with his back to us. I tried to cheer him up and encourage him to play. I even tried snuggling with him and rubbing his tummy, which he loves, but got no reaction from him. That same evening I woke up because I heard him in the office. His tummy was upset and he was sick with diarrhea. I was up several times with him that night
Yesterday morning when we got up he seemed to be feeling a bit better. He was a little more active, and seemed to enjoy cuddles and even ate a bit of his food. I had planned to get him a vet appt, but with the improvement thought it might not be needed. I went home at lunchtime yesterday and he seemed even better. I went back to work and felt comfortable that he was going to be ok.... When I returned home from work yesterday I opened the sliding glass door to let him out as I normally do. He stepped down on to the step and seemed a little woozy for a moment. He sat down, and then fell over. I freaked out and thought he was dead I screamed for my fiancé to come outside. I sat down next to Brody and within seconds he woke back up. His mouth was foamy, but he stood up. I carried him outside to the grass so he could use the bathroom. He did and then ran back to the door and acted like nothing had happened. I got him to eat dinner last night by pouring some of the gravy from our pot roast over his food. He loved it, and ate a little over half of what he normally does. He still seems a little mopey and sad though. This morning all he wanted to do was snuggle in bed with us. I had a hard time getting him to walk outside
I called his vet this morning who really wasn't much help. They blamed it on the heart worms and said he needs his treatment, but I don't think he can make it through the treatment. His vet wants to give him the older treatment that contains the arsenic. He mentioned a while back when Brody had Kennel cough that he wouldn't be strong enough for a month to even begin the Heartguard... If the kennel cough was enough to put off the prevention pills, why would it all of a sudden be safe now to give him the full blown treatment. I have a vet chosen for a second opinion and am calling them at 9:00 this morning for an appointment.
Please, if you can spare any vibes for my boy I would appreciate it. I really don't want him to die
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Sending many prayers for your dearest Brody. I think the 2nd opinion is a great idea, and I hope that he is able to shed some light on what is causing this.
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I think the second oppinion is greatly needed. Heartworm is horrible to deal with, I hope the second vet gives you better advice.

I'm sending lots of get well vibes!
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I'm so sorry you're going through this will your little boy who has widdled his cute little way into your heart. You know I'm praying for him and my heart is with you.
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Awww Tanya the poor baby Sending Brody (((((mega healthy vibes))))).

It'll be interesting to see what this vet comes up with.
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Tanya how awful for you
I knew Brody had heart worms but I don't know much about them, I didn't realise they could be fatal?
Nobody needs to tell you to do the right thing because you are already doing it in getting a second opinion, you obviously have a lot of love for Brody he is a lucky baby.
Let us know how you get on
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I thinks it's smart to get a second opinion. I am sending prayers and {{{{{{Get Well Vibes to Brody}}}}}}
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A second opinion is a great idea. If you don't mind my asking - when was he diagnosed with heart worms? What level did they put him at? Did you just recently adopt him (you mentioned kennel cough which is so common with shelter dogs)?

I am sending the little cutie lots of love and positive healing thoughts.

*hugs* to you, I can imagine how worried you must be.
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Oh Tanya!

You're definitely on track with a second opinion! I hope you're able to get the right treatment and information to get Brody back to tip top shape!

Sending many }}}VIBES{{{ and to you both!
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Sending lots of vibes for sweet Brody and lots of hugs for you!
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I just found this:


One of the most severe signs of heartworm is called Caval Syndrome or Vena Cava Syndrome. This is seen when there are large numbers of adult worms (usually around 100 or more) in the heart. There is almost complete blockage of all blood flow. Many times there will be no signs of heart disease prior to the animal’s collapse. When fainting and collapse does occurred it is accompanied by severe shock, red blood cell destruction, and often death within 1-2 days. Sometimes the only chance for survival in these cases is for the veterinarian to surgically remove the worms from the heart through the jugular vein. If enough worms can be removed to re-establish sufficient blood flow, there is some chance of survival

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Oh Tanya...
Darling Brody will remain in my thoughts & prayers as you move toward some really difficult decisions.
Bless you both.
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Tanya i know it's tempting chick, but try and not google too much until you see the other vet because sometimes it can look worse than what it is
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I just want to search all over the place to find a miracle for him. I am going home at lunch time to be with him. I am thinking of just taking him to that vet's office to wait for the doctor to have a spare moment to see him. I know they told me to bring him on Friday, but I feel like I am doing nothing for him. I have such a bad feeling about it all.
I am sitting here at work, and I know if I have to talk I am going to burst out into tears. I am going to take lunch at 11:00.. If I can just make it 30 more minutes...
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I know you do chick Hang in there you havent got long, just keep posting how your feeling if it makes you feel better because were all here for you
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Were you able to get him in to see another vet today?

Just so you know, I don't know how familiar you are with treatments in dogs but I've seen TONS of dogs successfully treated for heartworms, including dogs with heavy infestations.

The key is keeping the dog calm as the worms work their way out of the heart.

Dogs are incredibly tough and I think Brody, with your love and support, has a good chance if he can be treated asap.
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Oh no!! Poor Brody..I'm sending many be okay vibes {{{{}}}}. I am praying for the little guy.
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You can beat this Brody!

Hopefully your new vet will be a perfect match for you.
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I'll be thinking of you both today, and sending many positive vibes for Brody (dang that photo you posted, I've fallen in love with that face...)
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Brody!

Just out of curiosity, is there any way you can stretch the truth a little to get Brody in sooner than Firday? I know it's not nice, but if you call them & say, "Hi. I've got an appt. for my dog on Friday. He has heartworms. He seems to be getting worse. I'm really worried he won't make it until then." I've done it with Twitch & it was worth stretching the truth a little(actually, I was scared she would die before her appt.). I really think the sooner Brody gets to the vet, the better.
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I am taking him in a few minutes. I will update you when I get back
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Oh Tanya! Tons of prayers for your sweet boy!
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Tons of vibes for you and cute little Brody! I really hope everything is ok
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Tanya (lots of huges & vibes)

and some good news... my bosses dog had heartworms bad last year and survived the surgery and medications while being really sick - so it can happen!
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I hope all is going ok at the vet. It is so hard not knowing what is going on.

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Tanya, I sending lots and lots of health vibes to sweet little Brody, and lots and lots of calming vibes to you, and lots and lots of and love to both of you!!!
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Ok, I am back at work. I had to leave Brody and can't pick him up until 5:30

This was a new vet and they were actually great. The vet spoke with me for 30 minutes and I told her every single detail I could think of that has happened in the 6 months we have had Brody. Some of you will remember he hasn't been very healthy at all since he showed up at our house. The good news is that the vet does not think the collapsing episode is related to the heart worms. His lungs sound clear and if the heart worms had progressed to the stage where collapse occurs, he would be much worse off and his lungs wouldn't sound so well.

Her thinking at this point is that he had a seizure. She is not sure what else is going on, but has kept him for observation. They are doing a full blood panel to check organ function, a fecal test, urinalysis, and something else They are also going to try him on Hills something or other food (sorry guys stressful day I am forgetting the exact name), because he really hasn't eaten a good meal since Thursday.

The next step... once the test results come back, the vet hopes to find some cause for the seizure. She warned that they can't always find a cause and at that point he would be diagnosed with epilepsy. She discussed possibly putting him on seizure medication called phenobarbital.

The test results will also identify exactly what stage his heart worms are in and where we should go from here with treatment. The good news about treatment at this new vet is that they split the treatment up. They don't aim to kill all the worms at one time. Instead they go for half at a time. This minimizes the risk of clots or complications.

Sorry this post is so long! I am feeling a bit better now knowing that Brody has a good chance of surviving. I apologize for being so upset this morning. I just had the feeling I was losing my little guy. I know we aren't out of the woods yet, but we are certainly better off than we were. 5:30 can't come around quick enough! I can't wait to pick him up.

Thank you all so much for the good vibes you have sent Brody's way. I know they are helping.

I will post another update as soon as he is back home safe with me this evening.
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Don't you dare apologize for being concerned about your sweet little boy

It sounds like you found a VERY good vet.

Sending lots of vibes to Brody
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Sounds like a great vet - its a pity it takes case like this for us to realise our vets don't care/bother as much as we thought... and don't apologise at all - if more people were worried about their animals we wouldn't have half the shelters etc we have!

((hugs and vibes))
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