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Boo's babies at 3 weeks (& weaning ??)

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Boo's babies are now 3.5 weeks old and are growing so quickly. All now weigh around 15oz and are becoming very friendly and adverterous.

I have been reading up about weaning and I have found lots of conflicting advice. Some sites said food should be offered from around 3 - 4 weeks while others said to wait till 6.
As the kittens have been nursing mum and awful lot the last few days and as they are quite big I thought I would offer them something and see what happened. I used dry kitten food which I moistened and made into a mushy paste. I dipped my finger in and put a little around each of their mouths and then showed them the dish. They absloutly loved it. All tucked in and had a good go at it. It was so funny, They got it all over their little paws and faces. Watching them try to clean themselves up after was the cutest thing. Mum then came and helped out and gave them a bit of a wash.

I suppose my question is am I doing the right thing introducing solids this soon.

I have put some pics up of their first meal. So

Momma cleaning up the left overs!

My last question is, is it now the right time to introduce them to the litter trays too. Im not expecting them to use them much right away I just wondered if it was about the right time to put them out and let them see what they are for.

Thanks, Emma x
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All sleeping with a full tummy.

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Last 1 I promise.....LOL

I cant stop taking pics of my cute little balls of furr!

They are really starting to become social little things now. If I sit down close to the bed they will all come wobbling out to see me. If I walk past and take no notice of them they will meow until I do.
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1 more question,

How often should I offer them the food?

Thanks, Emma x x
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cant offer any advice, but wantes to say they are ADORBLE!!!!
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Jupiter started eating solid food at 2 or 3 weeks old (I rang the vet convinced i had killed him by doing so. He was going for a wander around my bedroom, saw a plate of food and smacked his head down in it and ate as much as he could before i grabbed him!).

You should offer them food at all times! Kittens are growing beasties and the advice i was given was if you think they are hungrey offer them food.

Make sure you are feeding them a good quality kitten food though.

They are all so cute! Do they have homes yet?
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For both my rex kittens and the barn kittens, I never offered solid foods till 5-6 weeks old. They just were not interested in it and seemed to have a harder time swallowing at a younger age.

I'd make a soupy mix of canned food, KMR, and warm water and put it on a paper plate and kinda push the kittens mouth in it or offer some on my fingers at first. After a few days of this, they would get the hang of it and start eating more on their own. I offered them food 2-3 times a day.

I had the litter pan available from the start - they used it when they started solid foods - guess they watched mom using it. Get a shallow tin foil pan (like for cakes) and put some litter in it. They will make mistakes, so be sure its on a cleanable surface - not rugs.
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Sooooo cute! I can't stop looking at them. I love that oversized head look and those face shots with the food all over them. Too cute!
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This is interesting, i heard that you should limit how much kittens eat? I'm not sure what age my kitten is or if she's weaned looking threw alot of pictures she either is really young or a runt? Makes me worried, she seems fine by drinking clean water and canned cat food.

I love this forum really helps with people having kittens and such.

Good luck and they are all very adorable kittens.
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I am just sitting here nearly splitting a rib laughing at those pictures! They are so precious with the food all over their little faces! I have been trying to get my litter (almost 6 weeks old now) to eat solids and one of them is really chowing down, but the others just still cannot seem to connect the dots on how to get the food from that plate into their mouths if my finger isn't the delivery system. Even when I lay my finger totally down into the food, they don't get it yet. You are lucky your guys are liking it. And no, I don't think they are too young.

Maverick_Kitten, that was the same advice I have also gotten ... growing kittens should be fed as much as they want as often as they want for the first full year, IMO, even as old-school as it is.
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Your kittens are so cute with the food all over their faces. I begin introducing solid foods at around 3 weeks. My kittens also start using the potty at about 2.5 to 3 weeks old.
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Those are the cutest pics I have ever seen. I love a messy face, they are cleaning themselves nicely. You are a very lucky momma, maybe they will learn the litterbox as quickly
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Thanks for all the comments guys. I will keep offering them as much as they want. They ended up taking a little food twice yesterday. I was so proud of them. I couldnt believe how quickly they tucked in.

My mission for today is to provide litter pans for them lol
And of course its my excuse to take a whole lot more pics.

They looked so cute all messy with dinner all over them and so cute trying to clean themselves up.

Im loving every minute of having these babies. Momma is booked in for her spay when babies are 9 weeks old.

Its been really had keeping her in as we are having the best weather in the uk since 1911 lol But we have managed well so far.
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Oh my goodness! Messy faces... I love their little attempts at grooming, my kittens are doing the same thing. Cuteness overload, for sure.
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