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concerned about cat getting outside

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Hi, Hades my cat is my only pet, today's just the 3rd day on being with her, and I'm concerned that if she ever gets out, is there any possibility that she'd come back?

I mean, we here in Philippines don't get much help on finding lost pets etc. so I'm really concerned about her getting outside, especially when she's just new and not really that familiar with us.

Obviously i don't want her to get outside, but our house is small and who knows if she'll just try to dart outside. Or try to run out when someone opens the door.
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If she isn't spayed, get her fixed. She will be less inclined to wander off.

Also, it's probably a good idea if you are opening the door for any length of time, to put her into another room with the door closed.

Another trick is to toss a toy for her to chase after in order to distract her.
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I do have idea what spayed is, but what do you mean by fixed?
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Fixed is just another term for getting her spayed Theres always a risk of the cats getting hurt, knocked over or lost when their let outside.

My two girls are indoors all the time, and you will get into a routine of watching when you open the doors and windows etc...

If i have anything getting delivered i shut the girls in their bedroom until it's safe enough to let them out again.
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One of my relatives visit our house during Thursdays and Saturdays to do laundry and ironing of clothes, you'll never know if Hades would get out when she opens the door, and it's a big chance since she brings clothes back and forth out to the back all the time.

So I decided to keep Hades in my room, relocate the litter box there and her food/water tray just for those two days when my relative works here, at least that way she also does not bother my relative when she's ironing the clothes here. I do hope she gets to adjust to the litter box moving places during Thursdays and Saturdays. At least that way she can spend time in my room without the risk of her getting out.
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Chances are, if she's always been an indoor-only cat, she won't go anywhere. My cat runs outside every time I come in, but refuses to budge after she's about four feet away, and gets upset if I don't come to retrieve her immediately. I really don't think she has any idea what to do outside.
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Do you guys think it's okay to keep Hades in my room just for those 2 days when my relative is working here? That way she also won't disturb my relative working here.

Hades still doesn't know my relative and chances are it'll be some time if ever she gets acquainted with my relative.

Are 2 litter box locations good enough for a cat? I'll just relocate the litter box on my room during those days that my relative is here. And I'll just keep the door close until either me or Dad gets home.
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yea i had a kitty that made a game of trying get out, she would just sit down and wait for you to pick her up and carry her back in,, lol

i dont know how big your room is, but keep the litter box and her food in different locations.

dumb question do they or will they fix cats there. I know in indoniesa we had to go to like 8 different vets before one would even do it.
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