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wet kips

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wee problem.. well let me tell you the story. I have a cat of 18 and she gets really distressed going to the vets so i need to know if my problem is absolutely neccessary for a trip. Basically she has been having wee troubles. she either goes in her tray and wees loads or goes in her tray and sits there for ages and wees a little. also she wees on you if you pick her up sometimes she will be just sitting in your arms peacefully and suddenly LOADS of wee comes out. sometimes i dont even think she knows she is doing it because she sorta stares round the room lyk nothing has happened , she has done this 3 days running only recently.. its getting ridiculous is this serious? does it warrant a trip to the vet? is it fatal for a cat of 18?!?
please help x
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Did you not take her to the vet when you thought she might have worms?.

At the age she is she really needs a thorough checkup at the vets, so i would say yes take her, especially when it's just started happening.
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we are keeping a check on the worms and if she goes today she will get a thorough check up and the whole caboosh i will probably take her but it is so distressing for her i dont no if just the vet trip will finish her completely!
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As she doesn't travel well, would it be possible for the vet to visit you at home?

May be more expensive, but would save a lot of stress!
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is that possible i have never done that b4 :P.. last tym i took her for a check up about 3 months ago and she bit the vets hand so hard it bled for about half an hour i am worried she will run away if the vet comes and wee everywhere hmm thankyou i will ring them up and see
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We used to get the vet out for my RB kitty! It was a little easier as she would run away whenever she got the incling that she would be visiting the vets. She was much calmer at home!

I hope you'll be able to work something out so your kitty can be seen and nobody has to get stressed!
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You can always ask your vet to do a home call but it'll cost a bit extra, at least that way she's not getting stressed
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i have rung the vet for a appointment and a check up nails clip etc. for 4 o clock . and they dont do home visits.. =[ im so frightened about her egtting stressed :'( oh no is there anything i could do to make her trip more pleasurable?
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Get her in quickly- at her age with those types of problems she needs help now. Here is an article that might help- keep your stress level down, act like it is no big deal when you put her in the cat carrier, but get her to the vet

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thankyou she is off in 5 minutes im gonna act lyk nothing has happened and stay calm for her so she is ok =]
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